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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Obysmal's Now Famous Joker Poster May Land Kid in Jail!?!

Yup, this poster right here! Printed on regular old printer paper. But I bet it pissed off the narcissist in cheat so much that he gave an under the table order.
Fry the kid!

What a crock of. . . well you know just what I mean here. This kid is being made an example of by the Omysmal's storm troopers. Get this, the kid glued the posters to a few mail boxes and so the Postal workers used scrappers and sharp objects to clean it off instead of going down to the local hardware store or Walley World and buying a $2.99 bottle of Goo Gone or even 'ole WD40 works in a pinch.

No, they scrap until the paint is gone and then the boxes have to be . . . this is good. . . sanded, primed and painted. For gosh sakes, come on now. These people have been behind the counter at the post office for way to long. Give me a break!

Felony Vandalism Charges Possible in Obama Joker ...