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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Fascist BLM Attacks cancer stricken mom of 11. Cattle slaughtered, calves left to starve. The Constitution Trampled.

From my friend and Patriot... Chris Langer...

To any and all Patriots...
Nevada Alert! We are requesting help to distribute the following to any and all media, blog, patriot groups etc.
1. Secure the Bundy family from government incursion which includes protection of all personnel responding in support of the Bundys ie. protestors, extended family, and friends.
2. To return the confiscated Clark County Nevada property currently blockedby federal personnel to it's rightful stewards, the people of Clark County Nevada.
3. To secure and return to Mr. Bundys ranch the mounting number of cattle which have been confiscated by BLM agents and private contractors.
These objectives are in cohesion with Cliven Bundy and the Bundy ranch.
Provisions can be secured in nearby Mesquite.
Minimal provisions, food, water, etc. are available at the ranch with more enroute.
Multiple camp sites are secured and easily accessible.
There is something for everyone to do.
Directions: Exit 112 off of I 15, proceed 2 miles to patriot check point, receive instruction there from OMA personnel.
We are the guardians of liberty.
We are the great barrier between tyrants and the oppressed.
We do not forgive acts of tyranny against a disillusioned populace.
We do not forget the sacrifice of millions before us to secure freedom.
Our discerning eye is now a swift sword.
Expect us.

The Bundy's have needed our help for a long time. They are killing the Bundy's cattle, burying them with backhoes, selling other cows at auction and leaving the calves to die in the sun out in the desert without their mommas... True story. The BLM has assaulted an two women, one a mother of 11 in her fifties and the other, pregnant. True story.

Using dogs, armed with AR15s. Kidnapped their son with twenty officers, beat him and took him away. They are threatening federal prison and undeclared Marshal law is in affect. If you step on the dirt you will go to prison... That's the threat these bastards are making.

I suspect the turtle is a cover up for them securing 

underground water rights. 

It likely is all about the water.