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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where was I on September 11th 2001

This morning, about 6am, I was standing outside,  the light of the day peeking out from behind a stand of trees,  clouds casting a gray and dreary countenance, a light rain falling.  As if the day itself were sad and tearful.   I had just finished putting up the second of two American Flags in memory of this day.   I wiped a bit of moisture off my cheek.  My black Stetson shielded my face from the rain,  It was tears that I wiped away.

I was remembering  a visit to New York,  now, many years past.  An exciting ride to the top of the South Tower Observation Deck and a spectacular view of the city of New York and the Statue of Liberty.   I'll never forget those memories.   More precious now because of what my memories turned to as I set these beautiful Red, White and Blue Stars and Stripes in place.

I remember that day nine years before.  I will never forget.   I was on my way home from a job site and stopped at a convenience store for a really bad lunch and something to drink when I noticed a group of several women gathered off to the side of the counter. I offhandedly remarked,  "what's the meeting all about, girls".  One of the women turned to me, her face crestfallen, ashen, looked at me with tears in her eyes and said,"They flew planes into the World Trade Center."

I replied, "they, did not"  "real funny"  "come on, what gives"  She said, "no, it's true."  And so it was true.  When I got back to my truck,   I turned the radio on and caught the news which by this time was now constant.    Planes were grounded.   The military was on high alert.   We had been attacked.

I pulled into my drive.  Had to consciously make my feet move.   Opened the front door saw my wife's face.  It was a mirror of the women I had spoken with in the store.    My wife and mother-in-law were watching.   It was oppressively sad.   I cried with my wife and her mom that day.  It was heart wrenching.    I could not understand.  I did not or could not find reason.  What would bring some one to do such a horrible, ungodly act.

Today,  I know.  Today,  I remember.   Today,  I will not forget.