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Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Military Coup Will Remove Obama

Written by:   

Dave Hodges — Host of The Common Sense Show FREEING AMERICA ONE ENSLAVED MIND AT A TIME

Part I

A Military Coup Will Remove Obama

President Obama’s presidency has a definitive shelf life. His backpedaling in the Middle East is of major concern to the military establishment but also to special interest groups such as the Carlyle Group. Obama is threatening to let Iraq and Afghanistan follow in the footsteps of Vietnam. Further, Obama’s refusal to attack Syria and Iran threatens the viability of the Petrodollar. This two part series will examine the forces which are lining up against this President and how five simultaneous political scandals are being held over his head to gain compliance from several powerful special interest groups.

The Aftermath of Benghazi

benghazi obama leaves em behindObama’s presidency may not survive until 2016. He has the most dramatic set of political scandals in the history of the Oval Office. The only question remaining for this president is will he leave office as a result of the scandals or the result of a direct military coup? Obama has already survived one military coup attempt, but it is difficult to believe that there aren’t more military coups waiting in the wings for the right moment to strike.

The First Military Coup

In the fall of 2012, it is now clear that President Obama survived an attempted military coup. My sources tell me, that Obama, is fully aware of the fact that key elements of the military want him gone as the President and, in response, Obama has secretly embedded his CIA operatives in various military command structures around the world by placing these operatives into executive command positions in order to help them prevent just such a military coup and these embedded forces have indeed served him well in the aftermath of Benghazi.
Often, these embedded operatives serve as the second-in-command. The sole purpose of Obama’s operatives is to keep watch on key military leaders and to prevent them from moving against the policies of the present administration.
The murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and his security detail at Benghazi served as a flashpoint for an attempted military coup.  What is interesting about the coup attempt, is that very divergent military forces have joined together to take down Obama’s presidency. At issue was the attempted rescue of Ambassador Stevens by two senior military command officers.
Can you imagine the reaction of Stevens, his security team, and two senior command officers if Stevens had indeed been rescued? The gun-running stories of the CIA to Al-Qaeda would have turned the general populace on its ear. This would have been Obama’s Watergate moment. Of course, Stevens had to be murdered to cover up Obama’s complicity in gun-running to Al-Qaeda. Remember, it was Hillary Clinton, on behalf of Obama, who refused to beef up security for Ambassador Stevens at his request. With all that the Benghazi event represents, the sheep of America would’ve been awakened if Stevens had survived to talk. With the inability of the Obama administration to squelch the cries of conspiracy in the aftermath of Benghazi, Hillary, in an effort to preserve her 2016 election hopes, could not jump off the Obama ship fast enough. And even Napolitano has jumped ship and look for more defections in the weeks ahead. Obama is in real trouble. Spying on reporters and using the IRS to harass political enemies is damning, but Benghazi is career ending.

A Review of Benghazi

Let’s review what we have learned about what transpired at Benghazi. The Benghazi consulate, which was no more than a CIA safe house, came under attack by Al Qaeda forces and the attack lasted several hours. We now know that CIA forces were right down the street at the time of the attack that murdered Stevens Al Qaeda attackers, as they attempted to flee the murder scene, were subsequently murdered by the CIA forces, who could have been used to rescue Stevens. This was a desperate attempt to conceal Obama’s gun running operations. We also know that several key personnel at Benghazi have been forced to sign nondisclosure agreements about what they know. What did they know?

The Truth Is Hiding In Plain Sight

What is known, and what was reported in the New York Times, is that this administration ran guns to Al Qaeda in a Middle East version of fast and furious. We’ve also learned that Ambassador Stevens was the conduit between the establishment and Al Qaeda receiving weapons, which they used to overthrow the Libyan government.
The murder of Stevens and his team at Benghazi is a seminal moment in American history. We have further learned that al-Qaeda forces, fighting on the side of NATO in Libya, obtained 20,000 hand-held stinger missiles. This means that the Obama administration has allowed al-Qaeda to be armed to the teeth including the acquisition of 20,000 stinger missiles in which only one is needed to take down an American airliner. To cover their tracks, the Obama administration left Chris Stevens and his bodyguards defenseless as they were killed by the very terrorists who this administration armed. Can you imagine how the election of 2012 would’ve turned if the American public had this information. This is why Stevens had to be killed, but there’s more.

Arming Al-Qaeda In Syria

It is now common knowledge that this administration was also running guns to Al Qaeda in an attempt to overthrow Assad of Syria. However, news of their gunrunning was beginning to leak and the source of the gunrunning had to be eliminated. That source was Ambassador Chris Stevens and the sensitive information that he held, unfortunately for Stevens, came only a couple of months prior to the 2012 presidential election. It is quite apparent that this administration felt that the evidence of their gunrunning trail must be totally obliterated and the only way to accomplish that was to arm Al Qaeda forces to assassinate Ambassador Stevens. These are not shocking revelations and I believe it’s likely that Congress knew the truth is far back as December of 2012. However, the congressional investigation did not succeed in their attempts at getting to the bottom of the Stevens murder. For more than a month Hillary Clinton refused to show up and testify. Other establishment figures were less than cooperative with regard to the congressional investigation. However, there is a clear and distinctive pattern of high command military awareness of this establishment’s murderous and treacherous actions which culminated in the death, the preventable death of Stevens and his bodyguard contingency.
The Middle East command structure of the American military was not on board with President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. Panetta is so unpopular with the troops, that when he visits Afghanistan, the troops must be disarmed prior to his landing because he has been fired upon before from American ground forces.
In the aftermath of the Benghazi massacre, two senior level command officers, General Carter Ham, the former commander of AFRICOM and Admiral Charles M. Gayouette were removed from the command positions and arrested by their executive officers. Do you remember that I previously said that Obama was embedding CIA operatives into the number two command positions in key military commands around the world? When Hamm was in the process of launching a rescue mission to save Stevens, General Rodriguez promptly arrested Hamm and assumed his position as the head of AFRICOM.
Before we get into why Hamm and Gayoutte were sacked on the same day, please allow me to first say that Obama’s action of sacking two high ranking officers is so unprecedented, so reckless, that it is difficult to comprehend.  Please allow me to offer a sports analogy in order to explain the magnitude of this action. Imagine that your favorite football team was on the eve of playing in the Super Bowl and the owner of your team fired both the head coach and the quarterback the night before the big game. Wouldn’t this throw your team into a state of disarray? Of course it would, and subsequently your team would face annihilation. This is exactly the case with our forces in the Middle East after the firing of these two military leaders at this critical point in time. The deposing and subsequent arrest of the AFRICOM commanding officer, and the firing of a Carrier task force commander was an irresponsible move by the Obama administration and left a dangerous leadership void in the Middle East that has needlessly put the lives of our military at risk. And it is important to note that these firings took place at a time when it appeared that war with Iran, Syria, China and Russia was on the immediate horizon.
Admiral Gayouette
Admiral Gayouette
The positions held by Hamm and Gayouette are so powerful and so sensitive, that their replacements require approval from the Senate. Why would Obama engage in such a reckless act when the country was so close to war? Very simply, both men were jointly attempting to rescue Ambassador Stevens and his bodyguards, despite being told to stand down by Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta who was acting under Obama’s orders.
As Stevens was begging for help after the attack had begun, General Hamm had activated a special forces team within minutes of learning that the embassy, which was really a CIA safe house, was under attack. When General Ham received his “stand down” orders from Obama, he still continued with his plans to go ahead with the rescue and was arrested within minutes of contravening the order by his second in command, General Rodriquez. Admiral Gayouette, the commander of Carrier Strike Group Three, was preparing to provide intelligence and air cover for General Hamm’s rescue in violation of his standing orders and he was promptly relieved of command for allegations of inappropriate leadership judgment.”  What is so significant about the sacking of these two military officers is that they were from two completely different command structures in two different branches of the military. This speaks clearly to an overall military mindset with regard to how they view Obama.
It is abundantly clear that had Obama been concerned for saving the lives of the four murdered Americans, American forces could have stopped the mortar fire that eventually killed Ambassador Stevens. However, Panetta and Obama blocked any rescue attempt. In legal parlance, Obama, Panetta and Clinton are, at minimum, accomplices to murder. At maximum these three rogue government officials are co-conspirators to first degree murder and now they have sacked two senior command military leaders to cover their complicity in an act of treason. I feel like I am watching an episode of the former popular television show,24, as we are presently engaged in a plot that scarcely anyone would have believed if it had aired on television and not occurred in real life.
Others Have Taken Note and Spoken Out
Even though the corporate controlled media refuses to provide detailed coverage of the events in Benghazi, Representative Buck McKeon wrote a letter to Obama in which he boldly stated  ”As we are painfully aware, despite the fact that the military had resources in the area, the military did not deploy any assets to secure U.S. personnel in Benghazi during the hours the consulate and the annex were under attack. I find it implausible that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Commander of U.S. Africa Command (author’s note: General Hamm) and the Commander of U.S. European Command would have ignored a direct order from the Commander in Chief.”
There is also proof that Obama was warned in advance of the coming attack in which Stevens begged for more protection and his impassioned plea was denied by Clinton.
There’s further evidence that US agents in Libya were at least aware of weapons and militants moving across the border. The ties between murdered U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and jihadist Syrian rebels are becoming more clear as it is now known that Chris Stevens was an arms dealer for the CIA and brokered arms deals with Al-Qaeda and their affiliate rebels in both Libya and Syria. Can anyone imagine the political fallout to this President if word of this had ever leaked out? Stevens was the link between the CIA and Al-Qaeda. With Stevens out of the way, the trail could grow cold and the American public would be none the wiser. This is why a rescue attempt was not permitted and this explains why two senior level officials were sacked for trying to do so. However, it is becoming increasingly clear this mutiny represents a military mindset and has the backing of the Carlyle Group. This connection will be explored in part two.

Obama’s Tumultuous Relationship with the Military

General Ham had been in command of the initial 2011 US-NATO military intervention in Libya. And as we can, in part, read from US military insider accounts of this growing internal conflict between the White House and US Military leaders.  The first sign of a major rift between the American military and Obama became evident when the supreme commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal, was fired by Obama for derogatory comments made by the general about the president. Interestingly, the reporter who published a story which led to McChrystal’s firing was none other than recently murdered reporter Michael Hastings.
First McChrystal, then Hamm and Gayoutte were fired by Obama. There appears to be a growing body of evidence that the military is becoming more emboldened in their rebellion against this rogue President.

  CIA Director David Patraeus Is Sacked

Patraeus was the former commander in Iraq and in Afghanistan after McChrystal was fired by Obama. He was rewarded when he was appointed to be the CIA director. An extramarital affair with Paula Broadwell brought down his reign as CIA director in November of 2012, just following the election.
There is the reason given to explain an event and there is the real reason behind the event. Sixty percent of all married men cheat on their spouses. The more money they make and the more power a man possesses, the more opportunity for cheating.
I have swamp land for sale, in Florida, for anyone to purchase if they are naive enough to believe that David Petraeus, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), resigned solely based upon having an extramarital affair with the biographer-turned-mistress, Paula Broadwell. How did the affair compromise Petraeus’ position as CIA director? The FBI, who vetted Patraeus for the CIA director position, concluded that it did not.
Within two months after the Benghazi attack, four senior U.S. military officers were purged by Obama:
  • Gen. Hamm, on October 18, 2012.
  • Adm. Gayouette, on October 18, 2012.
  • Gen. Petraeus, on November 9, 2012.
  • General Allen, on November 13, 2012.
Other casualties of military leadership during this time frame includes General Keene and General Odierno. Further, the second in commander of Central Command, General Mattis, And who could forget about General Mckiernan? In total, Obama has sacked nearly 20 generals during his tenure as president.


Not wanting the Middle East to become America’s next Vietnam, the military wants Obama gone. And now the military has a strong partner, the Carlyle Group whose connections ripple through the American power structure. These connections and the other reasons why the Obama administration may not be standing by the end of year will be presented in part two.

Part II

The Perpetrators of the Coup Against Obama

Part One detailed how Obama is piling up a bigger body count with his senior command military officers than he is with Taliban forces who are opposed to the CIA’s drug trafficking activities in Afghanistan. This article will detail who are the main players involved in trying to bring down Obama’s presidency.

Low Friends In High Places

While leading forces in Iraq and in Afghanistan, for CIA director Patraeus had close dealings with AFRICOM commander, General Hamm. As revealed in part one, Hamm was relieved of command and arrested for disobeying orders in trying to launch a rescue mission to save Ambassador Stevens. Come the post-election period, and Patraeus was immediately gone.  It nowappears very likely that the former CIA director was not on board with the murder of Ambassador Stevens. It is now clear that Patraeus, Hamm and Admiral Gayoutte were all involved in a coup attempt to take Obama down. However, as will be revealed, they did not act alone.

Stevens’ Potential Revelations About Arming Al-Qaeda Would Have Cost Obama the 2012 Election

The late Ambassador Stevens
The late Ambassador Stevens
If the three men were successful in extricating Stevens and bodyguards from harms way, Stevens would have been in a position to spill the beans on Obama’s treason of providing, not only weapons to Al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria, but 20,000 hand held stinger missiles, Obama, Panetta and Clinton would have been marched out of the White House in handcuffs. Remember, the murder of Stevens took place less than 60 days before the election.  
My sources have independently revealed that it was at this point that Pataeus was informally removed as the CIA director. Very shortly after the election, Patraeus was formerly sacked over an extramarital affair.  And as was pointed in part one, Patraeus was vetted for his CIA position with the full knowledge that he was having an affair.
Patraeus had to be the next to go because as a private citizen, he could invoke the Fifth Amendment of the right to not self-incriminate over the Benghazi affair and this protected Obama. As CIA director, he did not have that right. In a related move, and also in an effort to save her candidacy for the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton decided to fire herself as Secretary of State. She, too, would have had the same testimonial immunity. And now even Homeland Security director, Janet Napolitano has removed herself from the controversial administration. Congress knew that when they interviewed these former officials, that they would not have to to talk to them honestly about the Benghazi affair.
Obama’s administration are leaving in droves. Look for more defections in the near future. This is called, the rats are jumping off the ship. It would strongly appear that everyone knows that Obama’s presidency has a brief shelf life because he has been targeted by some very powerful enemies for removal from office.  

The Hastings Factor

hastings car 1As an aside, one of the writers that was at the forefront of exposing the Patraeus’ extramarital affair and who also brought down General McChrystal, was none other than murdered reporter, Michael Hastings. It is also interesting to observe as many reported have already noted, the inconsistencies and dramatic change in Mrs. Hastings recent behaviors and statements. When Michael first died, according to Channel 6 in San Diego, the widow was going make the people responsible pay for her husband’s death. Now, she is calling her husband’s death an “accident” and she looks nothing like a grieving widow. The death of Stevens was significant because he was the link between Al-Qaeda, stinger missiles and the future bringing down of American airliners during false flag attacks. The Hastings death is the echo of this event. I have repeatedly been told by my sources that Hastings and Snowden had the same information of coming false flag attacks. This is why Snowden is valuable to Putin as a propaganda piece and why Hastings had to be murdered. These interconnections are still being investigated and will be the subject of a future article.

Obama Makes a Very Powerful Enemy.

Reportedly, Obama’s inability to solve the Syrian/Iranian problem has put Obama in bad stead with the Carlyle Group. The Carlyle group is made up a who’s who of the globalist minions who run the planet. The Carlyle Group’s (CG) name comes up in relation to every conspiracy, the most notable being 9/11. The CG is strongly tied to the Federal Reserve and as such has a very special interest in Iran which is selling oil for gold to China, Russia and India which undermines the solvency of the Petrodollar. Also, a Middle East war would be good for the bottom line of the defense contractors represented in the CG such as General Dynamics.
The CG wanted Iran occupied by now. In order to exhibit their frustration and increase their leverage of Obama, they are strongly rumored to be the source which simultaneously broke the Benghazi scandal, the IRS abuses perpetrated against enemies of Obama, the administration’s NSA spying on the people (i.e. Snowden), Obama’s spying on AP reporters and the worsening of the MERS mortgage fraud.
The aforementioned scandals just didn’t reveal themselves on the same day by accident. The release of these scandals, along with getting the main stream media to air them, was a well-orchestrated move to hold the specter of several Watergate type scandals over this President at the same time. And what does the Carlyle group want in Syria and Iran? They want the preservation of the Petrodollar and they want it now and Obama has not delivered.

The Plot Thickens

Generals Odierno and Jack Keane, once close confidants of Patraeus, retired as the flames of Obama’s military leadership purge was moving in Odierno’s direction. As retired Generals, they could actions against Obama that they could not as active duty generals.
The conduit between the Carlyle Group and the Pentagon
The conduit between the Carlyle Group and the Pentagon
Keane is very interesting because he sits on the board of directors for General Dynamics and, as such, has major influence within the Carlyle Group. Keane is the link between the CG and the Pentagon. Keane’s role in the plot to bring down Obama is becoming very clear. He is involved in establishing conduits between the CG, Christian groups and the officer corps with similar beliefs. Now, doesn’t DHS’ recent demonizing of Christians make more sense in light of this? Doesn’t the military being given orders by Obama to crack down on soldiers actively practicing their faith make a great deal of sense within this context? Under Keane’s leadership, General Dynamics is becoming a catalyst in bringing in oil companies and other defense contractors into this controversy. And the Pentagon is on board as well because they are adamantly opposed to Obama’s scaling down of military operations in the Middle East because they do not want Afghanistan to become another Vietnam.

Options Against Obama

Obama is in a very similar historic position as was JFK. JFK has angered the Pentagon and the CIA over the Cuban affair. The Federal Reserve was furious with JFK because of his issuance of interest free Congressional Notes. JFK wanted to cut the oil depletion allowance. And most of all, JFK did not want to give the defense contractors as well as the Pentagon, the Vietnam War.
All of the above elements are present in the challenges facing this administration. However,  we are nearly 50 years beyond the JFK assassination and I do think Obama will likely leave office in one piece. Assassination is a messy and desperate option. When Nixon was  “prematurely” ending the Vietnam War, Watergate was a much cleaner option than was assassination. Clearly, the plan is to bring Obama’s presidency down through the crushing weight of multiple scandals unless he begins to perform in the Middle East.

Obama’s Options

Ego can be such a destructive element in one’s life and presidents in their second term begin to contemplate their legacy. If Obama gives into the CG, the Pentagon and some of the oil companies and brings war to the Middle East, Obama will negate one of the cornerstones of his campaign, which was less war. Also, by beginning a conflict in the Middle East, Obama runs the risk having this war go nuclear because of Russia and China’s threats to do so if Iran is invaded. Does he want to be known as the president who stated WWIII?
If Obama is not going to capitulate to the fascist, right-wing elements in this country and start a major war, he has very limited options. To understand what Obama might do next, one has to consider that this administration is just like a wounded and cornered animal that is fighting for its life. For example, the murder of Michael Hastings was an insane and desperate act. Having the National Weather Service purchase millions of rounds of ammunition, to go with the DHS purchase of over 2 billion rounds of ammunition is absolutely crazy. However, this is the mindset of Obama’s people. Every option is apparently on the table.
Obama desperately needs a game changing event. If he does not want war, then the false flag option is next best option. It would give this administration the pretext to declare martial law and begin to round up dissidents. If this were to take place, there would be some very nervous ex-generals and defense contractors. Although I think we should all be nervous about the unwarranted spying being performed by the NSA, it is becoming more evident that the spying is being used to establish a “Red List” enemies list in an upcoming martial law declaration. Keane, Odierno, Patraeus, Hamm, et al are clearly on the list.


There is obviously more to learn about this unfolding story. The plots are obviously very fluid and there are key elements still choosing sides. It is possible that these events could result in a civil war. This helps to explain the push towards gun confiscation because now we have another reason why the citizens have to be disarmed and the veterans demonized, from Obama’s perspective, because they would form the vanguard of the upcoming resistance. However, I still believe that the most likely outcome will be Obama leaving office in disgrace and a world war commencing in the aftermath. I also suspect that these generals and the CG will let Obama implement martial law that they will benefit from martial law after Obama is deposed. It is clear that we can count on false flag attacks in this country. 
Obama's future?
Obama’s future?
Although I detest the ground that Obama walks on, military coups rarely end well for the population. Any pretense of following the Constitution would be gone as we would witness the installation of a Stalin type of governmental structure filled with endless citizen purges and continuing war. The American people are faced with a lose-lose option. You may hate Obama, but you will hate a military style takeover worse. And the globalists will be happy to sit back and let it happen so long as the surviving group brings in Cap and Trade, carbon taxes, etc.
Expatriation will soon become a popular talk show topic.  

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