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"People don't like to be meddled with. We tell them what to do, what to think. Don't run. Don't walk. We're in their homes, and in their heads, and we haven't the right. We're meddlesome." River Tam referring to the government.

Not Politically Correct. . .

"Be not intimidated...
nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberties by any pretense of politeness, delicacy, or decency.
These, as they are often used, are but three different names for hypocrisy, chicanery and cowardice."
- John Adams

Abraham Lincoln

To quote Jack Donovan’s Violence is Golden: ‘Without action, words are just words. Without violence, laws are just words. Violence isn’t the only answer, but it is the final answer.’

In a world gone mad we are the villains. We wield the truth and the light. In the end we will only be answerable to ourselves and our God. If we win then we inherit the earth, if we lose we get to Heaven.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

One in 3

So I'm talking with a buddy while the ladies are shopping. This rude so & so steals a parking spot from someone who was waiting for it. My friend remarks that consideration for others, simple regard for someone else's feelings is what has been lost over the last 30 years or so.

I agree. We are still in the Me Generation with no signs of let up. We discussed that the ratio is about 1 in 3. One will do the right thing, do good, and be caring about others. I recalled a study I recently read about that claimed about 70 percent of the populace would do what they are told. Kill, maim or torture another human or animal just because they were told to do so.

One in Three.

Here's a URL:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Facism alive and well in New Orleans

Read more on the Katrina gun grab. NRA court case and verdict. The people, the 2nd Amendment and the NRA win. I believe this to be a hallow victory. Great that it is a permanent injunction and super that (in theory) the people wronged will get their guns back.

But, people did not resist for the most part because they; the people, want to be law-abiding; again for the most part. They don't want to rock the boat. The guns; thousands, were taken with out much trouble at all. To me, the courtroom histrionics highlighted the real tragedy.

The real tragedy here is not that the guns were taken but that Law abiding citizens willingly gave up their firearms. Their only means of self defense short of a big stick. They did so because they were told to by an authority figure to do so. Thousands of guns taken with little or no resistance.

This is the scary part for me because it really taught those in power that An authoritarian police action of this kind would actually be put up with by the American people. In other words, fascism works just fine in the good ole' USA.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Please consider the following:


Some unreported stats about the 2008 election
Professor Joseph Olson of Hemline University School of Law, St. Paul , Minnesota ,
points out some interesting facts concerning the 2008 Presidential election:

-Number of States won by: Democrats: 20; Republicans: 30

-Square miles of land won by: Democrats: 580,000; Republicans: 2,427,000

-Population of counties won by: Democrats: 127 million; Republicans: 143 million

-Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Democrats: 13.2; Republicans: 2.1

Professor Olson adds: "In aggregate, the map of the territory Republican won was
Mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens. Democrat territory mostly
Encompassed those citizens living in rented or government-owned tenements and
Living off various forms of government welfare..."
Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the "complacency
And apathy" phase of Professor Tyler's definition of democracy, with some forty
Percent of the nation's population already having reached the "governmental
Dependency" phase.

Notice that only in the states of Alaska and Oklahoma : All counties were won by McCain/Palin.

No Such Thing as Government Money

It's amazing to look back at our tax history.
We didn't even have personal income tax until the early 1900's and the first years the highest...the highest rates...were 7%.
We've seen rates over 90%....absolutely amazing that Americans put up with this bullshit.


Here’s; No Such Thing as ‘Government Money’

December 6, 2008 -
by Kyle-Anne Shiver

Washington couldn't earn an honest dime, but it sure knows how to mooch.

“If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion. Hence there must be no arbitrariness in what is said. This matters above everything.”
— Confucius
What happens to a society whose public discourse has become such an utter perversion of truth that the people can no longer even grasp solid reality?
If Confucius was correct, then, dear readers, we must conclude that our America is in for some very, very, very, very tough times ahead.
For in present-day America, the language we use to describe our realities has come so far afield anything even remotely resembling objective truth that we are little more than walking, talking idiots. It has become nearly impossible to distinguish a truthful statement from an outright lie.

And, no, this sorry state of affairs did not begin with Bill Clinton’s contortions over the meaning of “is.” It did not even begin with Richard Nixon’s famous, full-broadcast TV declaration, “I am not a crook.”

Perhaps the most threatening venue of this language perversion is in the two words now being bandied about in these times of economic distress the way men once invoked the pagan gods of Rome.
Two words. Just two. Yet they may be the most dangerous two words ever uttered by a heretofore sane people.

Government money.

What’s paying for the ill-founded decisions of financial institutions now in meltdown mode? “Government money.”

What’s going to save the day for corporations that gave more pension and benefit promises than they could ever keep? “Government money.”

What’s going to solve the economic woes of every city, county, and state government that provided too many services with too little a tax base and is now facing bankruptcy? “Government money.”

What’s going to pay the bill for all the years of excessive greed and largess of corrupt politicians, government bureaucrats, and business executives? “Government money.”

What’s going to pay for every slacker and debt-skipping Tom, Dick, and Harry within these 50 United States? “Government money.”

What’s the deep well of bounty that never goes dry? “Government money.”

Just Google these two words, “government money,” and you’ll see more than 36,000,000 entries. “God” still gets 541,000,000, but “government money” is gaining fast.

The heavenly neighborhoods of the United States’ founders and patriots are screaming like bloody banshees! Screaming down at the pack of mongrel idiots who’ve spawned this delusion and sold it to the current generation of American people.

I can hear them in Atlanta. Can you hear them in your town? If you can’t, then you need to get yourself a history book written before 1960 — and get it quickly.

Sit down. Take a deep breath. Brace yourself.
The words you’re hearing and reading everywhere you turn in America right now — “government money” — these words are meaningless. They are a cruel delusion. There is no such thing as “government money.”
Our government does not now have, nor has it ever had, a single penny of its own. Our government makes no goods. Our government provides no saleable service. Our government has never, ever, ever, ever produced a single commodity or penny of wealth for anyone under the sun.

Our government is nothing really but a mooching relative permanently taking up residence upon our living room couch, eating our food, drinking our beer, consuming our munchies, and leaving us nothing but its garbage.
Every now and then, our government rouses itself from mooch-dom enough to use our money to provide the services they owe — such as roads, firefighting, trash collection, protection from crime, etc. But sadly, even when actually providing a service they owe us, they still manage to over-mooch on our good graces, wasting our money frivolously and lining their own pockets with loot at the same time.

Truly, any people deluded into believing that “government money” is going to rescue them would be far better served by believing that Pegasus is going to fly in and offer up financial salvation on a silver platter. At least that delusion is somewhat fanciful and rather artistic.

My first encounter with this insidious delusion was working as a secretary in 1970 for the School of Civil Engineering at Georgia Tech. My husband was a football player there and my boss was a fanatical lover of football. It’s doubtful that my flimsy resume (no experience, no references, minimal typing skills) would have passed muster if my rather generous salary did not come from “government money.”

During my two-year tenure on the “government money” payroll, I learned the foundational error that now greatly accounts for the financial meltdown of America and a public debt of nearly a trillion dollars.
This ain’t rocket science, and one need not be named Friedman or Bernanke to get it.

Our civil engineering department had a yearly budget, paid for by “government money.” The object of the budget writers was to get more money in the coming year than they had gotten in the last year. To this end, whenever the fiscal year’s end approached, there was a mad dash — fully sanctioned by every university employee, from the president to the deans to the department heads to the lowliest secretary — to spend, spend, spend until not a single penny was left in the budget unspent.

Frivolous, wasteful, purely gluttonous spending on completely unnecessary things was the order of the day and every employee got quickly into the hang of it. Imagine an outlandishly high credit limit on a credit card for which the bills never arrive at one’s own door. No luxury was considered too luxurious in the mad dash to spend every penny of allocated “government money.” The theory was that if a budget wasn’t spent out, then the higher-up bureaucrats would cut next year’s budget instead of increasing it.
I never again worked on any government payroll, but I’ve known lots of others who have. I’ve heard tales from career government workers that have nearly made my head spin.
What’s been so carelessly sown must now be reaped. We are the only source of “government money.” The laugh’s on us.
And the medicine we’ll be forced to take will not be easily swallowed — no matter how much sugar we add to the spoon.

We put up with this crap because we have been brain washed to do so.

The attitude of most Americans reminds me of the poor lobster. He is gently lowered into the pan of cold water and the heat is applied. Slowly he is cooked and later eaten.

This is much like the American people. "We didn't even have personal income tax until the early 1900's" So, in a hundred years we've been suckered into financing the rich.

Make no mistake. This is about the rich getting richer. Nothing more. Once our pocket books were thrown open to the thieves, the rest is history. There have always been rich and powerful and slaves.

Apparently there always will be. Once the rich were called Pharaohs and Kings, now we call them CEOs. Top Management. Lawyers. Politicians.

The "Bullshit" we are putting up with is nothing new. Same old story. Instead of pyramids we line the pockets of the super rich and scratch about to make the payments on our Crossover Hybrid SUV Soccer Mom rig.

Things don't change because we think like slaves. Like we are chained to the Status Quo. We, The world, have been brainwashed into thinking that it can only be this way.

We are the ones who elect our Representatives out of fear. Fear of not having everything. Having it right now. We believe in promises of security, both financial and personal. None if it based in reality. Our elected officials will say anything, regardless how ridiculous it sounds, to get elected and we buy it.

We buy into the crap they spew out of fear. Fear of not having what we have been told we must have. "New" House, car, boat, motorcycle, TV etc.

Guys like George Soros, George Bush Senior and every super rich person or family before them since time began has banked on this kind of thinking from the masses. before them it was Lyndon Johnson, Joeseph Kennedy, JP Morgan or John D. Rockefeller who was the richest person of all time, with an estimated net worth of $330 billion adjusted for inflation.

Names like; Gates, Ford, Carnegie, Romanov, Vanderbilt, all the way back to Greece and a fella named Croesus and finally a cave man named Ug.

Gates, The wealthiest man alive at one point and this on the backs of millions world wide with a product that never worked right.

UG just had the biggest club. He and Alexander the Great.

All this says is that people go to war, stand in bread lines and lose their mortgages at the whim of the rich. The rich and greedy are the ones who caused the banking crisis, Enron, Adelphia, Global Crossing, Tyco and a host of others.

Thieves who stole the common mans dreams. When will people have enough and stand up. Only when it gets bad enough to hurt everyone.

Stay tuned. We may be getting close.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

big promises uncertain fulfillment. . .

Had an interesting thing occur with a big promise and fulfillment of said promise.

You ever have the experience of someone coming into your life and altering it's course based on promises.

You make changes, have expectations, etc. Then as time goes on, the fulfillment of said promises is delayed time and time again due to circumstances beyond the promisors ability to control? Or so they say.

Very frustrating for me to deal with this. I have learned a valued lesson here. Live life as if you have never heard a promise. Go about your daily duties as if nothing has changed.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Big Three having a tough time of it.

The "I want more" mantra from the unions and American workers has an end to it. We are arriving there as I write. The union gets more wages or better benefits for it's people. Cars go up in price.

Top management lives an obscenely lavish lifestyle, car prices go up. Lay off workers to get costs in line and give multi- million dollar bonuses to top management. Car prices go up.

This circle is unending and can be applied to potato chips or Miller Lite too. If costs go up, product price goes up. Capitalism and the American way. As far as that goes, look around. We pay Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt $20,000,000.00 or more to star in a movie for Ch---- sake. Yes we. By our unending support.

We paid Bill Gates 90 Billion for programing that never worked right and the latest incarnation is a bloated, slow azz pig. These numbers are obscene. 128 million a year for the top paid athlete? WTF? Our running shoes or cooking utensils cost more because of endorsements. Jordan or Stewart etc.

EDIT: forgot about Enron etc. Graft, Greed and Corruption.

There is a huge inequity and it will come crashing down some day.

We live in a world of haves and have nots. Sooner or later, the pendulum will swing the other way. I just hope I'm there to see it.