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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hillary is. . . Well. . .Superfluous

Hillary, Hillary, where the heck art thou?

Well, kids, the answer to that one brings a smile to my face. NOWHERE! That's where. This is probably the most blatant, punishing slap in the face that any Secretary of State has ever received, EVER!

Cool. Nice to see that karma is alive and well and operating with smooth efficiency. No wonder she's mad as a hatter. This is the most public dressing down I have ever seen of such a high level official in the American Government. Well deserved after handing near a billion dollars over to Hamas. Lest yea all forget that slap in all American's faces.

The worst of it is that it is her "husband" , and I use that term only as a label for wont of a better term. She just has to be seething over this. Kinda makes her superfluous, excess, pointless, purposeless, redundant, senseless, surplus, wasted, unnecessary, unneeded, worthless. That last word says it all for me.

Hillary Clinton on Sidelines as Diplomacy With Rogue Nations Evolves

FOXNews - ‎29 minutes ago‎