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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Barney Frank Once Again Shows Us Why He Is Irrelevant. . . .

With the spin-meisters working double time on Barney's Town Hall meet, I am calling Bull Shit. Fake Nazi lady and Barney thinks acting like a bully is good politics. Barney is looking more like an inconsiderate ass than a brave and bold politician. You work FOR these people Barney.

You may have survived coming out of the closet to let us all know you're as gay as they come, fine. Believe me, your political career will not survive the health-care bill.

This is a surprise, but even people in the People's Republic of Massachusetts are scared and/or angry about Obysmal-care.

You already have two strikes against you. Number one, you're from the dumbest state in the Union, I've checked, no other state; over the last 40 years, has elected a drunk, murdering, cowardly ass, false bravado and all, to the United States Senate and inappropriately lauded him with honors and praise as if Chappaquiddick never happened. I won't even mention Kerry, oops I did. Here's a guy who is right up there with Jane Fonda/traitor! Kerry, I don't even know how you can show your face to a veteran.

And since I mentioned this unrepentant traitor, Oh Jane, you know that little twisted voice in your head that says what you did was brave or true, well it lied to you. You are a traitor and because of your notoriety, you skated. Skating is way different than being right. Skating is a cowardly way of never owning up to the horrible things you did and said.

You're in good company though with the likes of Kennedy, Kerry and the rest.

Naughty Massachusetts.

Number two, Single Payer Health-care in Scandinavian countries; as it turns out, is flat out running out of other peoples money! Scandinavian health-care is struggling with workers/employee needs/strikes and with the avalanche of legal and illegals who have migrated to the FREE health care. The new immigrants have overwhelmed the system. Further complications of the Muslim illegal and legal immigrants are a significantly increased occurrence of rape and importation of illegal automatic weapons and RPGs and explosives. Don't even point North either. Not with the recent admissions by Canadian administrators that their health-care system is in Barney. . . . Rubble. . . . Trouble!!! Big Bad Trouble! OMG what'll we do, Trouble. You and your ilk want to impose that kind of fiscal irresponsibility on us.

(for you liberal clowns out there who are so dumb you don't know the difference between a legal semi automatic and an automatic weapon, the auto requires you to simply squeeze the trigger and hold to empty a magazine. A semi auto requires a single trigger pull for every shot. Morons!)

So all in all, your Town-hall meet was an unqualified failure. You lost points and you and the rest of your liberal cronies will be on the street in 2010. Enough is enough.

Capitol Hill (
By Fred Lucas, Staff Writer

“Unfortunately for the president, history and the experience of other countries contradict his words,” Smith said. “European nations, as well as Canada, have all experienced frustrations with a single-payer system. A single-payer system has resulted in care rationing, where particularly the elderly don’t get the care they need. It has resulted in lengthy waits for necessary medical procedures, and it is not saving the money that was being claimed.”

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