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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Buffett: Economy recovering, debt a threat

Warren Buffett's "Greenback Effect" Warning = Buy Stocks Now CNBC

This guy has been drinking way to much Kool-Aid!

This article is a doozey and

Warren Buffett: Economy Has 'Fallen Off a Cliff'

Now everything is all better and Government Sachs is a
good bet? Well sure it is. It is being propped up
by the good 'ole USA! Print mo money, spend mo money. This
guy is an astute businessman but he is a dyed in the wool
kool-aid drinker and I just want to know; what does he think
he is doing here?

By the way, the same business model that works for you and me
on a day to day basis, is what is supposed to be working
for the country as a whole and big business.

In other words, don't risk it all, don't put all your eggs
in one basket or you're asking for mucho trouble. Don't
spend more than you make. Unless of course your Epson
printer is linked to the US Mint. Oh Yeah, now that would
be nice.

So when at the beginning of the month 'ole Warren says
we're tanked (in so many words with caveats here and
there) and then at the end of the month he says it's a
grand 'ole stock market and all is rosey, I just really
want to know what he is drinking, or just what the heck
does he think he is doing here. . . .really?

Hey, Maybe it's just my skewed view of things.

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Betting $5 Billion on Goldman