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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Stand up to this fascist thug regime....Obammie just gave every gun owner a big Fuck You!

Can't believe so many are taking this in stride...   This is classic "Lobster in the cold water pot."   Little by little...   Small moves and soon all ammo is banned.    JSMH...

 I have blogged about this and have joined other bloggers in an outcry against this.   The BATFE is off the chain.   They are a lap dog to the communist left and must be stopped.   This is an infringement.   Plain and simple.    This is a first step...   Next it will be .338 Lapua or...?   Follow here:     Checkout and Sipsey Street Irregulars as well.   Here's more:       -       -    -     (pay special attention to the history lesson.)   -   

I'm sure there are dozens of others out there too.    

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