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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lee Greenwood would not approve...

Lee Greenwood would not approve...In a country where the Gestapo (BATFE) can arbitrarily and summarily rip your right to bear arms from you;   infringing the living shit outta you,  with little or ineffective response from the people it affects most,  something is definitely wrong...   This is not the America we were promised by the Constitution of the United States!  This is not a land where I can say:  I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free.   With appologies to Lee.
I'm sorry but...  

Patriots,  real patriots are seething!  Angry, outraged.   Where are you?!

American Patriots should be up in arms over this BATFE bullshit concerning the .223 and the 5.56...    This is a foot in the door to an ammo ban.    

They can use what ever cockamamie explanation they like but it is from the top down and this ban, if implemented is just one more increment towards confiscation.   

This from WND:   
“Obama is really stretching saying that M855 ammunition is an ‘armor piercing’ round being used in a handgun. The goal is obviously political… to ban common ammo to undermine the Second Amendment,” the Tribune said. “The White House knows that it can’t ban the firearms so going after the ammunition is the next best thing.”

If it is not plain to you by this time that the enemy has a long view,  it should be.   They do things in small increments so as not to rile the natives.   

We put up with it because it doesn't affect us directly, You hear things like "I shoot trap" or "I duck hunt" or even...  "hollow points are better anyway"  

This is utter and complete hogwash.   They are playing for affect.   Striking directly at the heart of American Militias.   

Can't get the guns,  let's get the ammo.   AR15s make lousy clubs...

This will be just the first salvo to test the waters.   Seems innocuous enough. But why not ban all fifty caliber ammo,  why not ban .338 Lapua... The .270, 30.06,   Hmmmmm...   You can see why this is bullshit, right?  

Other ammo is left alone.   The ammo many Americans might own for their AR15 and other firearms is struck down.

'Dictator in chief' unleashes newest attack on guns.   Today, it’s legal. Tomorrow, it might not be.
By executive fiat, the Obama administration intends to eliminate one of the most common types of .223-caliber ammunition, used by the AR-15 and other general-purpose rifles.

This is a blatant attack on the American People.   He and his cronies are off the chain, desperate to strike before it is too late.  I suspect (we all know he is an illegal alien, idiot and puppet) his handlers can't be pleased with his actions to date.  The smell of fear is oozing from him and his jihadist appointees.

“This administration has failed to pass gun-control legislation through the constitutional process. They have failed at the polls to pass meaningful gun control, and they have failed to win in the courts,” he said. “The only way left is through illegal processes and backdoor regulations. The American people have spoken to the gun-control antics of this administration, but this administration refuses to listen.”   Read more at

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