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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wayne Lapierre, you couldn't buy a clue at this point. . .

Americans, a majority of Americans 'HATE',  distrust,  eschew  Harry Reid,  Dede Scozzafava and others like them.  So what does the NRA think they are doing?!?  There is nothing stalwart about either one of these carrion eaters.  Of course, the way the NRA fawns over them, you'd think they were life members.

They are undermining the Constitution at best and at worst are traitors to all Americans.  So the NRA cuddles right up with them like they are A-OK.   Reminds me of how England treated Germany just after they invaded Poland.   Appease, Appease,  Appease!

Wayne ole buddy,  you have lived a good life on 35,000 membership fees plus bonuses and perks each and every year and for many years but to cozy up to the likes of Harry Reid or Dede Scozzafava is going to cost you even more.

You and the rest of your compromising, appeasing, backstabbing ilk at the NRA have seen the last dollar you will ever see from me and many others like me.   Cozy up to whom you will,  it works just the same way for you as it does for a politiction (said like spiting vinegar out of your mouth).  It's just that we vote with our dollars in the NRA.   Adios  Amigos.

Looks like a backstabber, talks like a backstabber, must be a backstabber.  

The Real NRA.

The NRA crawfishes on America.

Join the GOA!  No compromise gun lobby.

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