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Sunday, July 18, 2010

This is without a doubt, the dumbest title I have ever seen.

Looks seem apt to play role in Arizona immigration law

Illegal aliens are not 'immigrants".   They come in all colors, sizes, shapes, and intents.   They have one thing in common.  They are criminals.  Period.   Don't give me any of your bullshit,  Orwellian double speak,  twisted psychobabble.  ILLEGAL ALIENS, CRIMINALS!

The whole world is decrying profiling and hey,  I don't see the problem.   Lets go through this one by the numbers.   Illegal aliens on the southern border come from. . .  where?  MEXICO!  Who lives in Mexico?. . .   MEXICANS!   

Though all Mexicans don't look the same,  they do have similar, identifying characteristics.    So. . . if protecting our borders means they have to go through the same thing I do when I write a check, go to the bank or speak with a highway cop at the side of the road,  so be it.   Show your Damn ID.

Frankly,  I don't get it.    They;  The mighty and arrogant Department of Homeland Security,  says that they believe Al Qaeda, drug cartel, spys, bad guys, and more are sneaking across the border.  Their response?   1200 paper pushers to the border right now!

WOW!  There's some decisive action if ever I've seen any.

Profiling is good.  Profiling is useful.  It is looking at those with the highest likelihood of doing us harm or sneaking across the border and raping a 6 year old girl or killing some poor innocent bystander because they want to bring their third world savagery, barbarism, drugs, prostitution, gang warfare,  evil (what else can you call it?) to our cities, to our loved ones?    If 'they' had their way,  one would have to ignore anyone of color and only stop white folk coming across the border.  This is. . . INSANE . . . or is it?  

Mexico needs a revolution.  They need it in their country.  They need to change their country.  Leave ours the hell alone.   Get out.  Go home.  If you want to immigrate, fine,  go through the correct channels.   

The real scary part is that this may be part of a longstanding plan to break down our borders and our country.  Just one more piece of the puzzle.   Come on.   We have better security in a forward operating base in Afghanistan than we do on our border to the South.   And now we're dropping our guard because of a deer of some kind?  What in the hell are they thinking?   

So hell yes, profiling is goooooooo-ooooooood!

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