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Friday, July 02, 2010

NRA Steps up but late to the plate. . . Is this what we paid our dues for?

Conservatives Ponder NRA Priorities, Motives Questioned on Kagan, Reid

By Judson Berger
Published July 02, 2010

But the tough statement out of the nation's top gun lobby may not receive as warm a response from conservatives, who accuse the NRA of selling out, not only because of its late opposition to Kagan, but for what is perceived as its recent cozying up to Democrats on Capitol Hill.
The mounting criticism aimed at the NRA comes from opinion columnists and conservative bloggers who command a loyal audience as well as from top elected Republicans. All have questioned recent actions by the NRA, particularly its negotiating with Democrats to be exempted from some of the restrictions of the DISCLOSE Act, a Democratic bill to counter the Supreme Court's ruling in support of Citizens United, which loosened campaign finance disclosure laws.
The NRA carve-out angered liberal groups, but really lit up Republicans who were in the midst of fighting the bill.
"The NRA is all about protecting the Second Amendment, but apparently its leaders don't care about protecting the First Amendment," House Minority Leader John Boehner said in a statement last Thursday -- the day the bill passed the House.
Gun Owners of America piled on with a string of accusatory articles. The NRA rival group is now asking Second Amendment defenders to send a pre-written letter to the Senate urging the chamber to vote down the bill and repudiate "money-for-votes" politics.

If the NRA thinks that coming to the party late in the game like this is going to garner it some kind of reprieve from selling out it's support base, LaPierre and Cox have another thing coming.

I have made it my personal duty to explain to anyone who will listen, just what they did. Somehow, in their twisted, socially isolated minds, they thought the 1st Amendment wasn't just as important to us as the 2nd.

Well, as any dim bulb can tell, it is the Bill of rights and all the Amendments are just as important as the other. So in that light, how is it OK to trample one Amendment so you and only you can get a pass on another amendment? The brain workin' involved to come up with that logic, is even more twisted than Orwell's 1984.

For the NRA to silence it's competitors in this battle to secure our rights in full is like Washington shooting at the milita because he can strike a deal with the British and end the war. Of course the British get to keep New York and the East Coast but what the heck, We've got Kan-Tuck-ee.

I am outraged over this and it is not going away. Throwing gun owners and other fellow gun rights supporter orgs under the bus for political gain smacks of treason.  Conspiring with the enemy.   This is perhaps a smoking gun [pun intended] for a much deeper problem at the NRA.  To be this out of to with reality, with their membership demonstrates an isolated administration with no concept of what their membership really wants from them.   

A mistake of this magnitude should require the resignations of both Cox and LaPierre.  ASAP.

Those bastards have called my home several times and I finally picked up the phone and explained my point of view to them in direct and blunt terms and got this for an answer:

"The NRA isn't about the 1st Amendment, Sir. we focus on the 2nd Amendment."

To that I say fine.   Let's see you focus on declining membership for a while.

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