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Friday, July 02, 2010

Chicago Approves Tough New Handgun Restrictions

Boot these gangsters out.  Daley's father was a gangster and so is he and his cronies.   Watch the movie "Open Range"  and look at the similarities between the antagonist and Daley.   These oppressive laws are being passed because he wants to be the only one with guns.  He and his pack of dogs.

The question I have is when will Chicago Conservatives wake up and toss this turd out on his ear.  He and the 45 Chicago City Council members are directly responsible for death and destruction by the criminal element in Chicago by keeping Honest, Law Abiding, Good Citizens un-armed.  

The real criminals hold elective office in Chicago and should be sued into the ground over this.   Join with Shaun Karnish of I-Carry.Org and others in Illinois to overthrow this fascist/socialist dictatorship in Chicago.  While you're at it,  clean up the House and Senate too.

For too long have innocent lives been forever changed because of fear mongering and outright lies from Daley and his camp.   There is no basis for his claims for gun control.  None!   Will somebody please stand up to these criminals now, before it its too late?  

Every human being, every animal, every creature on face of the planet earth knows they have the right to selfdefense.    To be denied this inherent right, God Given Right,  a right so basic, even babies understand it, is evil.   Fear driven politics in Chicago has killed enough innocent men, women and children.

The real enemy of the state;  here, is Daley and the 45 on the city council.    Kick them to the curb.

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