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Thursday, May 06, 2010

This is why I carry a gun.

From Tampa

Three men charged in grisly murder

By Jessica Vander VeldeAndy Boyle and Robbyn Mitchell, Times Staff Writers 

St. Petersburg Times  Thursday, May 6, 2010

The men stabbed and beat him. But Robert Mason Brewer didn't die. So they stabbed him again and stuffed him into a duffel bag, loaded him onto a dolly and hoisted him into a trash bin.
One man poured gasoline on him, Hillsborough sheriff's officials said. Then they lit him on fire and walked away, ignoring Brewer's screams, a witness later reported.     

Christian Ackerman  

These animals were considered normal by their neighbors.  You might be tempted to say something like they are just druggies in a bad part of town but believe me when I tell you that they are hunting in your part of town.   Exactly how do you think two guys with no job and an expensive addiction fund their fun and games let alone pay their rent and utilities.   The go to a better part of town and take what you've got unless you are there to stop them.   

They stabbed this guy and then burned him alive and felt justified because they felt he had made advances on one of their girlfriends.    

The bottom line here is that these miscreants are not alone.  I have the same crap in a neighborhood near me and so do you.   It may not be you today but if the economy gets much worse,  it may be you tomorrow.   You will either take the insane path a neighbor of mine has and say:  I would not use violence even if I was being attacked and my family killed.  Or you will be prepared to defend your life and property with whatever response is necessary. 

Kasey Ackerman

This is called natural selection.   

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