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Thursday, May 06, 2010

FCC does end around to gain illegal control of the Internet. STOP THEM NOW!

These sneaky bastards are using semantics and subterfuge to end around the Supreme Courts decision that they may not control the information internet by calling it a communications network.  So when I use Google a hundred times a day to answer a question and when I look up information time after time all day long,  I'm actually communicating.   With no one but hey,  why let reality get in the way.

This from The Wall Street Journal:

The decision has been eagerly awaited since a federal appeals court ruling last month cast doubt on the FCC's authority over broadband lines, throwing into question Mr. Genachowski's proposal to set new rules for how Internet traffic is managed. The court ruled the FCC had overstepped when it cited Comcast in 2008 for slowing some customers' Internet traffic.

In a nod to such concerns, the FCC said in a statement that Mr. Genachowski wouldn't apply the full brunt of existing phone regulations to Internet lines and that he would set "meaningful boundaries to guard against regulatory overreach."   
"The question is how heavy a hand will the regulatory touch be," he said. "We don't know yet, so the devil is in the details. The network operators have to be able to treat some traffic on the Internet different than other traffic—most people agree that web video is different than an email to grandma. You have to discriminate in some fashion."
What a load of crap!   This is a power grab, plain and simple and to find out why this is so important,  I suggest someone look into just who is making a buck here.  
"would set meaningful boundaries to guard against regulatory overreach."  Are you freakin' kiddin' me?   This is the government.  Who are they trying to kid?   Give me a break.   "Against regulatory overreach."  This is rich,  I am tellin' ya.   These clowns are smokin' some primo gonja man.  We let this slide and pretty soon the internet will be all trussed up by corporate America and we'll be all back a da bus!  The same bastards making all the bucks now will be doing it all over again at our expense.  This is definitely a flaming torches and pitchforks kinda deal.  I mean;  dontcha think, really?
Let's just do a qiuck check here.   Let the people who use the internet, police it and monitor it's operation or  let the government do it for you.   The same government that ran the US Post Office into the ground.  Let's see,  the very same people that gave trillions to banksters instead of mortgage holders.   Gave billions to GM so GM could lie to you and say they payed back the bail out with more bail out funds.   Hmmmmm?   Let me see.  Who do I trust more.   I leave it to you to decide for yourself. 
As for me,   I will be looking around for a pitchfork.   
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