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Thursday, February 18, 2010

U.N. Watchdog Concerned Iran Is Working on Nuclear Weapon

I still have not stopped laughing over this one.   Gee Wiz,  no kidding!  What a shocker.    whodda guessed this one?

Thursday, February 18, 2010
VIENNA —  The U.N. nuclear agency on Thursday said it was worried Iran may currently be working on making a nuclear warhead, suggesting for the first time that Tehran had either resumed such work or never stopped at the time U.S. intelligence thought it did.

My take:  You don't think they'd lie,  do you?   OMG  I still am laughing.   This has been going on for decades.     What is wrong with you people in the intelligence community.   Are you still using a can and string or didn't you get the memo?  

We have computers and technology and stuff that allows us to figure out anything.  My laptop has more power than it took to put the first man on the moon.   What are you guys using?    An abacus?    

If I can be in the middle of nowhere and determine;   within a yard,  where the hell I am, with a tool I can hold in the palm of my hand,   why didn't you know they were still making a bomb.   

Or,   I hesitate to say this,  did you let them make a bomb as an excuse to go in and get them?   Hmmmmm?  

Iran's weapons of mass convenience. . . . .

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