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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I read this aloud. You might relate. Whether you do or not, This man needed to be heard.

R.I.P.  Joe Stack

These are purported to be his final words.
I haven't verified this yet. 

Page One:

Page two:

Page three:

Page four:

Page five:

 Page six:

This was his home page for his business:

I don't necessarily agree with what he did but taken at face value,   I do believe he had a point.  Several in fact.   Regardless of how they want to paint his character or his actions;    calling him a troubled individual or whatever,   his words ring true.   

This does remind me a bit of "Look over here while this happens over there." kind of deal.   Ya just never know.    I sure hope they don't come up with some crap like "he was going to die of cancer anyway" or some some other BS to explain his 'outside of the norm' behavior.  

There are plenty who will.   This guy just had enough and could see no way to be heard or taken seriously.   They are taking him seriously now.   So far,  A local TV station has a witness that reports emergency and fire trucks on the scene before the crash.   Other curious reports exist as well.  More later.

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