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Friday, July 10, 2015

Near The End…

We are all faced with a dystopian future replete with Mad Max and all of his antagonists world-wide. Who or what is to blame you might ask and rightly so.   Whomever wrought this bleak, multi-generational nightmare upon us, is at this point,  either died or dying.   

The players today are just taking up where their predecessors left off. The roots of this looming disaster go waaaaaay back…     to the nature of man.    Greed and corruption.  Power madness runs rampant in political ad military circles. There is no Right or Left and hasn’t been for a very long time. There is only us or them…
This coming unpleasantness has to do with men, to be sure,  but inexorably with the simple mathematics.    Math has no opinions, does not take sides,  worse and more to the point,  math is black and white. No gray areas.    2+2 always equals 4 regardless of what common core says.
That is what faces us today. Problems of mathematics. Deficit spending always and ever leads to more debt. Period. If you spend more than you have you will have less than you need. Simple mathematics. This is the problem no one is willing to face with the grit necessary to deal with it.
We cannot vote our way out of this illusion… We cannot expect that even a good, fine, Christian, soldier will be able to lead this contemptible hoard of dross and depravity we commonly refer to as Congress or Senate.Corruption is so deeply entangled…convoluted…all parties compromised beyond repair, that to attempt to change things for the better can only be done with a broom and dust pan. A clean sweep.
The economies of the world are failing and there is no safety net. No way to stop the tumbling domino and it’s dire effect. Soon we will be plunged into the abyss from which there is no escape. Hurled back to an age where feet or hoof are the main mode of transportation. Once the cities fail and the rancorous odor of death dies down, perhaps in a few hundred years we may once again discover the wheel.
The good news? Deficit spending will have ceased.

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