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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Why Patriots Can Win

We patriots can win because :

  • Government is largely fixed installations. Patton: “Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man.”  If our government forces war upon us, it will learn that fixed installations are very vulnerable in any insurgency.  Buildings will burn down, electric grids will fail, government will look impotent from the first stage of insurgency.
  • Government is on the wrong side of the bet with human ingenuity. Even if all your employees were allowed to be ingenious by changing rules and regulations, wanted to be ingenious and were incented to be ingenious, there are a lot more of us than you and very many more of us are seriously annoyed. Ingenuity + moptivation –> rapid experiments and adaptation.  Those win high-dimensioned games.
  • We are acting with local knowledge.  That is a more-defensive posture.  Defense is much stronger than attack, and our recent wars say your supposed superiority in intelligence gathering and analysis doesn’t change the home-court advantage.  In fact, we can easily use that supposed superiority against you.
  • We control the infrastructure. We designed the systems within which we all live, we built the buildings and installed the equipment, we operate it and repair it. Those systems won’t work if we don’t think they should. We can make all of them fail in ways that your people won’t be able to quickly isolate and individuals can do it at low risk to themselves.  Again, the Status Quo will look impotent, and more impotent with every ‘natural’ failure that inevitably gets attributed to our sabotage.
  • We are in touch with far more of the non-government society than you are, so we have more resources and more options. We are the larger part of our society. We are the socially-cohesive communities, the extended families, the alumni associations, hunting clubs, volunteer fire departments, and on and on. We have more credibility than you do, and, as this crisis continues, we will increasingly speak with one voice on the political goal.
  • The loyalties of you in government will be far more mixed than ours.  Your security groups will have a higher proportion of patriots than vice versa, by a lot. Losers and the short-sighted will end up on your side, not ours. You will have a lot of failed operations because of information leakage, lost intelligence, false intelligence, bad plans, mis-understood orders, …
  • There is no shortage of weapons in any high-technology country. We will be able to support our political clout with arms if you force us to it. Please don’t, as we will all become so very poor together, and you will become hated. You do not want to be on the wrong side of a purge of the aristocracy and its minions.
  • Ultimately, this is a contest to convince un-committed people that the Status Quo is working vs a need for radical change.  You in government and the oligarchy are proven liars and incompetents.  We have a working model of society under Constitutional government that did very well for most of the first 100 years.  You can only continue to dominate via your ever-more obvious propaganda.  We only need to point out the obvious failures.  Reality is a great argument.

We can win without firing a shot by demonstrating how much we oppose you and how great the damage of a shooting insurgency. Tax revolt and outright sabotage of selected companies will show you how serious we are and how many of us will work to take down our system if you do not step aside and allow us to clean up the mess you have created.
There is no way to oppose this return to a working system of government and society without social and economic devastation.
We insist that our government return to Constitutional limits. Our government cannot resist effectively except by proving that they have escaped those limits and pushing people into our camp.

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