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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Anti-Gun Buffalo City Wisconsin Council President Refuses To Answer Questions About NO GUNS Sign.

Last night, I attended a Buffalo City Wisconsin Council meeting and was met at the door with a NO GUNS sign. When my turn to speak arrived, I addressed some concerns I had with building permits. Folks were friendly, even jovial... when I finished, I asked about the NO GUNS sign. The mood and tone of the meeting immediately took on an austere, astringent cast... The temperature in the room seemed to drop appreciably.

I was told, erroneously, that it was because it was a government building. In Wisconsin, government buildings are not required to be no gun. There are a few notable exceptions such as court houses, sheriff's or police stations etc. but this was not one of them.

When I pressed to find out whether it had been decided by vote, and if so, who voted, one of the council members became angry, agitated and told me my time was up and I should leave. He said there would be no further discussion on the subject and that the city attorney would be contacting me by mail. I was not allowed to speak any further.  

I was also told by Lisa Schuh;   Alderperson  (Phone: 248-2528; Email:  ,   that in Wisconsin,  guns were not allowed in polling places.   Either she was legitimately mistaken,  simply didn't know,  or lied.    In Wisconsin,  there is no law banning guns from polling places.    I would recommend that Ms.  Schuh discontinue rewriting Wisconsin law to fit her own reality.    

This is the same individual; Brock Seitz, who; while serving on the Tri-City Recycling Center Board, arbitrarily put NO GUN signs up at the Recycling Center. This having been done in a closed meeting of the Board (illegally) and mainly pushed by this fellow. A die-hard liberal. At one time, chaired the Buffalo County Democratic Election Committee.

I enjoined the services of an attorney at that time, who was more than happy to write a letter of inquiry and a request to remove the sign. I also asked my fellow open and concealed carriers in Wisconsin to call and give their opinions. The letter and calls were more than enough to motivate them to take the sign down directly.

Hopefully, the same will happen here. Please call and ask why the sign is in place and who voted to put it there.

If you are interested... His name and phone are here:
Brach Seitz,Council President  (Phone: 608-248-2694; Email:

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