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Friday, May 29, 2015

Anti Gun Liberal Posts City Building, Stonewalls

A month ago I notice a sign on the front door of my city building ( no firearms or weapons allowed)!   I  wrote about this in a previous blog post.   Something that wasn't there when I went to vote in 2012. About 2 and a half weeks ago I attended a city council meeting for another reason and asked when the sign had been put up? Who (specifically) voted on it and was it done in a closed or open meeting?

This is what transpired in a letter promised to me by a very angry red-faced council member, Brock Seitz (Phone: 608-248-2694; Email: from the city attorney;

You may note that it does not address my questions at all.   

Here my response to the city attorney's letter;

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your reply on behalf of the Buffalo City Council and Mayor.

I must say that I am well versed in Wisconsin law concerning open and concealed carry. I've been doing so for many years. I know the city may put up a sign. However the questions I asked were not about whether or not they had the right as representatives of the populace of Buffalo City, The questions I specifically spelled out to them were (and the council is well aware of this): When was it voted on and by whom? Specifically whom? Was it an open meeting or was this done behind closed doors? Was it one member who took it upon himself to put up the sign or was it voted on by the council and passed by a vote? Was the public given an opportunity to comment?

I asked for this information at the last council meeting, where I was told; there would be no further discussion on the topic and my time was up. I did not get an answer but was told you would provide them for me. As this has not happened, I feel that either the council did not make my request clear to you, considering your answer, or I am being stonewalled.

Either way, I am not very pleased. My next course of action; if I do not get my answers, will be to discuss this with counsel. I will not be easily dissuaded from this course. The answers I am seeking are public record and I find it strange that the council, or one member of the council found it necessary to engage your services rather than just hand over the information I asked for.

Please, either send me the specific information I requested or the legal, valid, constitutional reason for not providing them to me.

I would prefer not to take this any further than a simple question... However, I will pursue this till I get my answers.

Thank you, Sincerely,

David M. Landro

P.S. I would like the Monday, May 11th 2015 meeting minutes provided to me at your and the council's earliest convenience.

The saga continues...    I will post more when I know more...    

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