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Thursday, April 09, 2015

This From Robert Gore Over At Straight Line Logic...

Another Possibility, by Robert Gore

  Things are seldom what they seem;

Skim milk masquerades as cream
W.S. Gilbert

One of the oldest tricks in negotiating... is to make the other side think that you regard some point as terribly important when in fact it is not...

It is the very lopsidedness of the deal that should set off alarm bells.   

Why then, did they agree to dial back their nuclear program to such a rudimentary level ...
What if Iran already has a bomb, or bombs?  North Korea or Pakistan, Russia or China could sell bombs to Iran.    This gets us back to the old negotiating trick. 

Suspicions have been raised about Obama’s motives for vigorously pursuing this deal.   

If one wants to believe the worst about Obama, that would be not that he’s trying to pave the way for Iran to build bombs, but rather that he knows Iran already has bombs, and he’s helping them cover their tracks.   if you believe that Obama wants to destroy America and is sympathetic to the Islamic cause, especially the Shiite cause, this alternative interpretation fits those beliefs. 

Read it all right here on:  
Never underestimate the power of a question

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