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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The United States of America... Is At War With It's Own People...

Pushing Us Ever Closer to the Edge

As the ever diligent and tireless Imperial Staff has been keeping you well up to date on, the natives are getting restless, the Browncoats are getting louder in their warnings to the federal tyrants and their minions, yet the ProgNazis and their RINO collaborators — a word to the latter: historically, no matter how brutal the revenge upon the instigators after a successful insurgency, the treatment that their collaborators got was invariably orders of magnitudes more merciless. Enemies are enemies, collaborators are treasonous backstabbers. You might want to at least think about that — keep pushing right on.
More and more firearms and ammunition manufacturers are joining the ranks of those who refuse to serve traitors to the Constitution (Beretta being one of them, for crying out loud!), we understand that their number is now up to close to 200 with no signs of slowing down, more and more local LE departments are declaring that they will not, under any circumstances, assist the federal tyrants in DC in violating their citizens’ unalienable rights, some have even gone so far as to declare that they will, further, arrest and prosecute any federal agents trying to do so in their jurisdictions, thousands, tens of thousands of patriots are speaking up openly, stating that they WILL NOT COMPLY ON PAIN OF DEATH with an enemy overthrow of our nation’s supreme law, yet the mindless, power mad tyrants in Moscow on the Potomac press on regardless as do, sadly, too many state governments across the nation, thinking that they’re doing What the People Want™, convinced by their own press and manufactured polls.
They’re in for one heck of a surprise.

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