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Monday, June 18, 2012

Eventually “swatting” will lead to a firefight. Is that a war? It will be the moment one further condition is met.

There will be “SWAT-tings”, there will be raids. There will be attempts to confiscate arms, ammunition, currency, precious metals, hoarded food, seditious materials, or things we have not yet thought of that displease “Teh Won”. There will be attempts to silence those who speak thoughts that are not favored by the Regime. There will, I am sure, be attacks on religious faiths not favored by the powers that be. And they will succeed, for the most part, for a time.
The tipping point will come some day when the Security Organs of the State come for someone who the neighbors do not believe to be guilty of a crime under the common law; but rather a crime against the State.
And it will turn on what his next door neighbor does. What the people down the block do. What the people 3 blocks down, and across town do.
No individual house and family can hold out against the forces of the State surrounding them. No forces of the State can survive against a force of the people surrounding them.
And THEN it will be a war.
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