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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Drug cartels invade the northwoods of Wisconsin

"CLAM LAKE — The war on drugs has a new battleground and it’s deep in the heart of Wisconsin’s great northwoods."      "Over the past four years, the Wisconsin Department of Justice has investigated at least eight grower-occupied pot farms in the northwoods." 

What crock of shit. This was pure bullshit. I don't use this crap and can see that what the NORMlL guy said, is true. They put a bunch of know nothings in prison so we can foot the bill and then why did they wait till harvest to go in???   

 It is just like Ollie North and the Clinton drug dealership of South Little Rock. Open your eyes and see the big picture. Don't be duped by the big scary drug bust of these tiny little Mary Jane Fields. 

The pesticide scare is even more bullshit and laughable. It pales in comparison to what the Highway dept., the railroad and electric utilities spray every year all around Wisconsin. All that brown shit you see on the sides of the road, rails, and power-lines is from POISON. Kills every liven thing and runs into streams, rivers and ground water. Not to mention the AG herb/pesticides. Huge!!! 

This was a propaganda flick just for you. Step right up son and get your tonic here...

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