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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pitch in and help out...

Spreading the word  
Hellesponte & Kerodin
December 19, 2011

Patriots have purchased III to Liberty to hand out in Pennsylvania, New York, Missouri, Kentucky, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia.  We have a batch headed to Bill's place in East Texas for his event and a gun shop that has supported his efforts.

Several other Patriots have sent in contributions to help the effort.  Everyone who has supported our efforts will be receiving a III patch like below.  We thank you all.

Customer Service and Sales are part of my professional life.  Every business I operate would simply fail if our customer service failed.  So, while I am well-versed in such things, I am not fond of raising money for our political goals.

But it must be done, or we can not get our name out there, we can not spread our message.  If we do not let other Patriots know we exist, we will be out of position when the Ruckus begins.  If we can network now, fill our ranks, and maybe even change a few hearts and minds or cause a few Awakenings as a byproduct, Restoration will be easier to attain.

So, I am going to ask simply: If you can buy one dozen or a few dozen III to Liberty books to drop off at your local gun shops or Tea Party events, please do so.  If you can drop a few bucks into the general bucket, that helps too.

Everyone who buys books or contributes $10 (or more) will receive a III Patch for your gear. (It comes with a velcro backing in place)

You can buy books here:

You can donate any amount by PayPal here: America 527

If you prefer writing a check and sending via snail mail, zip me an email and I'll give you the details.

If you donate (rather than purchasing books) please let us know if you'd like your donation to go toward the III to Liberty project, or if you would prefer that we use your contribution to help a few Patriots who are strapped for cash make it to TL's Summit this spring.

I'm not fond of fundraising, but it needs to be done and I am in a position to do it.  If you think these efforts help our goal of Restoration, please help out.

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