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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kick the little guy while he is down...

Writing this in response to a friends comment on food stamps and EBT cards.  They thought a person should not eat salmon or KFC with their food stamps.  Here is my view.

I just remember the old saying, people in glass houses should not throw stones. Not saying I like it, just that it could happen to anyone. There are soooooo many unemployed now that it is not uncommon. 

I feel no anger over this issue. it is such a small chunk of the pie that it is a waste of time to bother over. I would be far more concerned that someone would go hungry because of asinine rules and some Napoleonic Dictator administrators of the new, more rigid food policy.   When it went to the debit card it cleaned up most of the cheats. 

So someone goes hungry because you think someone is getting a little to much food or doesn't quite deserve their food. With the cards, it is now very difficult to cheat. Frankly, I would like a piece of fresh salmon or a half a KFC chicken too if I were on food stamps. 

Because someone gets a chicken breast and fries or a really nice piece of salmon which you don't think they should have or deserve, maybe that's the price paid for making sure this baby or that elderly fella and that nursing mom get what they need. I'm good with that.

Rangle, Kennedy and so many others have probably stolen more by a factor of thousands or tens of thousands then someone getting a little extra on their food stamps. 

Perspective. Focus on these bastards. Corporate sons-O-bitches, stealing billions and trillions of your hard earned dollars. Pharmaceutical companies. Insurance companies. The Goram Banksters. This is just a short list. You could add hospitals and their overcharging to that list too. These are the people who are robbing you blind. Not some poor person who gets an extra chicken breast or two. 

I read this thread and I can see that the anger over what is happening in our country today is gravely misplaced. It is being focused on the lowest level of society when in reality, we should be marching on the gates of Washington and Wall Street with pitch forks and torches. 

You could cover all the KFC bought with food stamps with the last vacation Moochelle took. Wake up. Figure it out. Focus on the real criminals. SHIT, the last time Moochelle went to the farmers market in DC, It cost us, the American Tax Payer, 80 THOUSAND DOLLARS and you are all worried about some old lady with a piece of fish. Her last party dress cost more then most folks homes and it was purchased with our money. 

Once the money is transfered to the individual, it is theirs to do with as they please. Smart decision or dumb. Why not focus on the POS Asshole Congressmen and senators who are robbing you of not only your cash but your rights as well, not the least to mention the POS in the WH. Focus your ire on those dick heads who have absolutely robbed you blind and do it today with impunity. 

Your anger is displaced. The bastards in Congress have every perk imaginable, ON YOUR DIME. They have perks you could not hope to get, up to and including full pension on retirement after one term in office. 

Now that shit pisses me off.

They are our servants, not kings and queens. Open your damn eyes and see the truth. Get off the little guys back. Grab your pitchfork and torch and head to Washington.

History has shown that you're like a dog on a chain when times get tough.   Pissed off and frustrated.    You get the chance to let it out and you attack the first helpless thing you can find.   In this case it is the little guy and you're kicking him in the gut while he is down.    

We are being played.    People,  you need to see this and focus on those who truly deserve your ire.   

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  1. Amen on being played. The PTB want the entitled to envy anyone who has more. They want the productive to waste their time getting pissed at the abuses of the entitled who have learned how to game the system. Sure it goes against the values we were raised to respect, but your time is wasted on that score.

    I think the PTB are beyond being frightened by a million people on the steps of the Capitol, with pitchforks and torches or tar and feathers. They _might_ be moved by the sight of a million on the steps with AR-15s, AK-47s, and M1As. Nothing less will stop their theft, their abuse, and their characterization of conservatives as terrorists.


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