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Monday, April 04, 2011

Dangerous silence...

What most folks do not understand is that for the most part, people are totally uniformed. Sheep,  Baaaaaah.....

We have selected our friends on Facebook and other social networks and live in a closed society where the Lame Brain Media has no sway. Out there, in the real world, there is no one standing up and making a case that can be heard. 

You have got to be actually looking for a conservative viewpoint in order to find it. Most people are sheep and would rather believe everything is alright than actually do some of their own research. We are in trouble in every direction you look.

Starting with the eventual fall of our economy. Not if but when and the very real possibility that Barry might actually get re-elected once again by hook or by crook.   Chicago style.

Writing and venting on a closed social network is fine but if we are not writing local editorials with more than simply angst and vitriol but actual sources to back up what we say, and writing on local forums and BBs, we are just spinning our wheels.

Our voices must be heard because the Lame Brained Media's darlings are the New Black Panthers and Lame Brained generals and Barry and his crew. Reid, Pelosi, Hillary, and a host of others.

If we do not make noise and a lot of it, we are lost. People will say to you, "why didn't you tell me?"

Express your conservative view now or forever rest in peace.

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