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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Someone suggested that I not forget why we celebrate 4-Jul-76. . .

The problem with not forgetting what we are celebrating, is that one must know what the remembrance is all about in the first place. 

I do remember but go ahead and ask any 12 random folk at the mall what July 4th , Independence Day is marking and you will very likely come up with ten or eleven blank stares and maybe one who has even a vague understanding of what it truly means to see that red, white and blue banner wave in the breeze. 

I studied that banner this week. I put up several of them. The unique beauty of Old Glory. Knowing as I do, what it took for me to be able to fly this standard over my home brings tears to my eyes. Every time I hear The Star Spangled Banner, my eyes well up. When I see the stars and stripes flying, I know it stands for bravery, sacrifice, honor and courage. It has come to mean so many things but for me it stands for solidarity, liberty and freedom. 

What bravery and courage it must have taken to stand against the Crown. Our Forefathers took their very lives and put them on the line for me. So I could have the freedom to raise our noble standard without fear of reprisal, put my hand over my heart, bow my head and take a moments meditation and say thanks for what they had done. 

My words here are feeble but any really good, honest history text will bring you to tears, over and over again. I just read an article from the Library of Congress. They were able to use advanced technology to discern that when Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, not only did he cross out a word and replace it with another, he scribbled it out and then wrote over it in a way that his new word disguised the previous word by interlocking the new letters with the old even through the scribble to be sure it could not be recognized. 

What were those words, Well, he replaced the world "subject" with the word "Citizen". Thus expressing a new view of freedom and liberty, putting his neck in a noose with those words that are now so famous. That revelation today, ran chills up my spine. He was so adamant about those two words that he took such great pains to be sure the word "Citizen" was used and the word "subject" was obliterated. It should be noted that other words and sentences were struck through or corrected but this word, "subject" was the only word so thoroughly removed. 

I read about and well remember, Valley Forge, Battle of Fort McHenry, Gettysburg, The Alamo, White crosses and monuments littered across Europe commemorating fallen American soldiers from two wars of the world. My father fought in Korea, I still shake Vietnam Vets hands, Same for Iraq I & II, and Afghanistan. Many Americans lost their lives, literally bleeding on the flag to ensure those stripes remain red. Some in places we've never read about. 

So when I see people ignoring our flag or asking what's the big deal with the flag, Mexican or American? I remember. I know what the big deal is. We have fallen down and have allowed our children to be taught by socio/fascist, Liberals and now we reap the whirlwind. Hang onto your hats boys and girls 'cause from here it gets rough. 

So, yes I do remember what the Stars and Stripes are about. I give those colors the well deserved respect due our flag and those who gave all to see that she flies. Here our flag stands tallest. Because here we are Americans. It is our America. Our flag. 

Lastly, I am reminded of; perhaps, the most well known sentence in the English language; 

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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