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Monday, July 12, 2010

NY National Guard Involved In Mass Arrests Of U.S. Citizens

Troops assisted in over 2,000 arrests last year alone as America sinks into total martial law
Paul Joseph Watson

We also reported a story on April 22 2009 covering the assault of a local television news team by an irate police officer in El Paso, Texas. A video taken by the news videographer shows uniformed soldiers working with police officers at the scene of a car accident.
We have documented numerous instances of troops and National Guard personnel being used to perform law enforcement duties which are transparently outside the purview of the Guard’s supposed role to respond to national emergencies and therefore completely illegal.

If we accept the seamless integration of troops into law enforcement then America as the “land of the free” will cease to exist for good, to be replaced by an oppressive Sovietized police state with an overlay of 21st century technology designed to monitor and control our every movement. This is only made more alarming by the fact that the National Guard are now training with foreign troops to take on American “terrorists” as part of this integration process.

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  1. Anonymous7/28/2011

    Why are our brothers and sisters still joining the armed forces? Can't they see they are destroying the Constitution not defending it. My son showed an interest in joining, after explaining to him that our troops are being used to set up the world government and not protect our constitution he changed his mind. I am not afraid to die for my country,although I think it may be on my door step and not in a foreign country.


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