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Friday, July 02, 2010

Here we go again. . . . .

I recently read about Blain's Farm & Fleet in Wisconsin bans open carry of fire arms in direct conflict with the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

What follows is a response to a query by a member of Wisconsin Carry, Inc.; from Gary H, the VP of loss prevention, stating that legal carrying of firearms in your store will not be allowed.

The response: Blain's Farm & Fleet confirms no guns policy


Thank you for your inquiry. Blain's Farm & Fleet does have a "Weapons Free Environment" policy. Our policy reads in part, "To safeguard our employees, our customers and the general public, we absolutely prohibit any employee, vendor, supplier or customer to bring or possess firearms (including but not limited to handguns, regardless of any authorized permit), explosives or any dangerous weapons or objects on Blain's Farm & Fleet premises or at Blain's Farm & Fleet sponsored events."

Best Regards,
Gary H.
Vice President - Loss Prevention / Risk Management

My response follows:

As a member of Wisconsin Carry, Inc. and writer of a political/economic blog, I have a keen interest in the 1st amendment and as a Constitutional Conservative, the 2nd Amendment. I hold the other 8 Amendments of the Bill of Rights dear as well. The Bill of Rights was not written to be a group of suggestions. I wish to let you know that until this policy is rescinded, you will not be receiving any more of my business. Dollars going elsewhere. Laugh now but soon, you will not laugh so hard. You know. You know very well where things are going.

Please realize that criminals already carry concealed weapons into your stores. Guns, knives etc. They don't give a rip about your ignorant rules. Since you do not give me a way to defend myself, I will not subject myself to a possible crime. I will spend my dollars at Fleet Farm or anywhere else that does respect my rights and does not spit on the Flag by denying my rights, for that matter and I assure you, so will thousands of my friends and readers from now on.

However, If someone does commit an act of violence in your store, because you are in flagrant disregard of federal and state guidelines concerning Open Carry in Wisconsin, you are ignoring the 2nd Amendment by disallowing Federal and state Constitutional Law, I think it is possible that you are open to litigation here. You; very well, could be sued for damages by an unarmed citizen victim. A citizen you disarmed. A citizen harmed in your store or parking lot because you believed bad people would respect your ignorant rules. You leave your customers at the bad guys mercy. Nice.

You allow dangerous concealed weapons on your property and into your store by not scanning or frisking everyone who enters. You allow dangerous weapons into your store by not providing aggressive security for each customer. The weapons are there whether you want them to be or not. All you are accomplishing is disarming the innocent and law abiding, setting your customers and yourselves up for disaster.

I'm sure you are aware that statistically, every 15th person in Wisconsin is illegally armed. Felons, robbers, punks, gang bangers, thugs, car jackers, etc. Every 15th person. That statistic is a few years old too, so there are probably more illegal weapons today. I think it is a prime opportunity to sue you for damages and with today's laws, you are dangerously exposed to risk here. Lots of risk. For denying your customers their Constitutional right to bear arms. Say? Are your parking lots video survailed? Do you have security guards looking out for your customers? I think not!

I'll pass my hypothesis on to a few ambulance chasers I know and several different Wisconsin forums which translates into several thousands of Wisconsin Residents and see what everybody thinks. Heck, this might even be better than picketing or boycotting your business. A couple of very public lawsuits by grievously injured customers, due to your draconian, fascist rules and heck, Fleet Farm has a payday.

So good luck with that trashing the Constitution business and have a great day.

The Right Site

Wisconsin Citizen
Political Blog Writer
Not necessarily in that order. . . . .

Yup, that's what I'm talkin' about! 

I've been shopping there for at least the last 25 years. Pet supplies, garden implements, Lawn mowers, great tool dept and hardware dept. Work boots, clothing, I mean it goes on and on. I was just in there for spark plugs. Heck this is really something to think about. They stand to loose a significant dollar amount if just a few of us stop purchases. 

Sad to see it go this way but hey, there are plenty of other stores much more deserving of my dollar bills, cash, bucks, greenbacks, etc. Oh, I forgot, my credit cards, debit cards, checks, purchase orders etc. I will have to find my way through Walmart and Fleet Farm of course is the premiere self relience store. 

I love it when a plan comes together.

You see, there are those out there that would say this is Blain's prerogative but this is not true. They are poking a sharp stick in our collective eye because of their political leanings. They want to hurt us and our cause. This is not for the customer's benefit by a long shot. There is just to much empirical evidence available today, that supports the exact opposite of their ignorant stand. This is a blatant, liberal, Brady Bunch, political maneuver designed to screw with us. They are actually screwing with the majority of their customer base. 

Not that most folks would choose to carry in their store but with the majority of their customers ideologies. That being self relience, independence etc. It is notable that they replied with a text book, Brady Campaign, socio-fascist, retort to the OPs query just a few days before July 4th. A holiday most liberals would just as soon forget or find a suitable mascot like Santa or the Easter Bunny to draw attention away from it's original meanings. 

This July 4th, I am celebrating my association with Open Carry.Org and Wisconsin Carry,Inc. The premiere 2nd Amendment advocate in Wisconsin and a superb example for each and every other state to follow. Kudos to Nik and Hubert and everyone else who has worked to make us strong. I salute you all and thank you. I am also very proud of the solidarity demonstrated by this group of patriots. Now let's keep the pressure up on those turds and squash their desire to restrict our Constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms. 

Have a great July 4th

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