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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Voter Revenge. . . ?

Revenge is a comforting thought but unfortunately any revenge garnered at these elections will be a bitter pill due to the incredible amount of damage done by this enemy of the people. Financially, ecologically, politically, this nation will never recover.

These wars are fought by brave and true sons and daughters but the war they wage is a fiction, a product of a military/industrial collusion with time on their hands and dollars to make. Sad but true.

I shake the hand of every soldier I meet. I thank them for their service. I am proud of them. I am sad for them. Those of you fooled into believing GW, Bill, GH or Ronnie had anything but dollar bills on their minds are to be pitied. Real revenge would be the end of all things and a new beginning. Now there's revenge.

The Gulf disaster was either an act of political expedience, a wag the dog, or a colossal screw the pooch by BP and Fed. Either way, heads should roll. Not likely but they should.   How do you exact a toll for the utter and complete destruction of the Gulf of Mexico and possibly much more, maybe even the world as we have known it.  What would be appropriate revenge for that?

The economy is no different a story. Spend your way out of debt? Keynesian financial advice should be stricken from the record of the English language. We are buried in debt beyond repair and have not suffered enough yet. Housing is going, going . . .gone!  It will drop like a hot rock by years end.    Deflation has not had it's full head yet but it will and then it will be followed by a one two punch of hyper inflation not seen in recorded history.   What would be enough revenge for the total destruction of wealth of the average American?    The loss of health, home and happiness.   If you don't think it is this bad,  just wait.

Revenge, short of believing God will make them pay for their sins, I don't know. I can't even imagine a revenge that would taste sweet enough or who's aroma would be aromatic enough to satisfy.

Revenge, I think not. Perhaps, only the barest, faintest hope of survival. Maybe that's revenge enough.

Good luck.

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