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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Things that make you go. . . Hmmmm. . . .

So this guy says;  "I have no problem with gun ownership and have guns myself but there is no need to carry a gun to a picnic to provide protection for your family. It is just crazy."

I am amazed so I respond with;  

So, no need to carry for self-defense at a picnic?  Where exactly do you think it appropriate to carry then.  I'm not trying to be confrontational here,  I really am interested in where you think carry would be OK.

As noted above,   bad things happen to good people and with tough times,  you can multiply any statistics by a factor of 2 or more.   Just open your eyes and look around.   People are stressed out, out of money, out of food, out of patience.   The general idea is to have the ability to defend yourself but never have to use it.

So when the bad guy shows up at the picnic or your door, or where ever you are and you left your chosen self -defense implement at home in a safe with a trigger lock, because that was the most appropriate place for it to be or the politically correct thing to do,  or just becasue you're scared of what others might say or think,  because . . .  a picnic is such a butterflies, pansies and sunshine kinda deal,  you and your family get killed that day because that was the day, Birdy, mentally unstable, had had enough, the last straw, grabbed a gun and indiscriminately killed 12 people and injured 25 others before ending himself.    You and your family end up in the newspaper in the obituary column with comments like he was such a nice guy and very politically correct.  Still dead.    Cared much more about what people thought of him than the safety of his family.

Sure you went 43 years without ever needing a gun but that day,  it would have been kind of a good idea to have one on your hip.  Instead of a woulda - coulda - shoulda.  Sorry, no do overs.   You can't get that day back now, you're dust to dust and ashes to ashes.

UK News Wrap: 12 Dead, 25 Wounded in England Shooting Rampage.    Everyone killed in this UK slaughter were just going about their daily business.   No need for a gun.  Except that day.   Jogging, gardening, bicycling, hand in hand husband and wife walking.  Folks were killed on their way to the park, on a bridge, on a walkway.   You get the picture.  This in England,  the land of no guns and oppresive gun laws.

I live for today,  not some fairy taled pie in the sky, bowl of cherries land where bad things never happen.    Just ask the lady in the UK,  who was just carrying her groceries home.  Oh,  that's right,  you can't ask her,  'cause she's dead.   And that is that.  That's reality,  the place where I live.  Where do you live?

I don't care what people think about me or my open carry because I'm going to be the one still breathing at the end of the day, God willing.

The 7 P's - - -   Prior  Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.

Some folks carry even while just out for a cup of coffee!

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