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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

NRA sells out it's membership and all patriotic Americans. In bed with Liberal Democrats.

Yet Again the NRA Sells Out Freedom to the Democrats

In fact, these days I cringe when I see good conservatives with their lifetime member sticker from the NRA on the back of their cars. I support Gun Owners of America, which is a consistent and uncompromising defender of the second amendment, not a weak little girl of an organization protecting itself while throwing everyone else under the bus.
But that’s what the National Rifle Association is doing. You and I are willing to stand together because we know we either stand together or hang separately. The NRA legislative strategy in the past few years has been to hang everybody else so they can be the last man standing — more interested in maintaining the veneer of bipartisanship than actually standing up for the second amendment.
The new agreement would exempt organizations that have over one million members, have been in existence for more than 10 years, have members in all 50 states, and raise 15 percent or less of their funds from corporations, from the disclosure requirements. The NRA, with four million members, would fall into the exempted category and will not oppose the DISCLOSE Act now, according to Democratic sources.
So if you are a small organization that just started up to defend freedom, you are screwed. But if you’ve been collecting a large file of members for decades off the image of Charlton Heston while repeated screwing conservatives, you’ll be safe.

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Dems close to campaign finance deal

“This legislation is a threat to the First Amendment rights of businesses across the country. It represents a significant departure from past campaign-finance legislation, which sought to treat unions and corporations comparably and was framed in a genuinely bipartisan manner,” the Chamber and more than 100 other trade associations wrote in a May 27 letter sent to lawmakers.

“This bill is both a smoke screen to adopt still more restrictions on political speech in the name of ‘reform’ and an attempt to use Citizens United as a smoke screen to stifle criticism of Democrats in order to help their candidates retain office in the 2010 election,” Reps. Dan Lungren (R-Calif.), Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Gregg Harper (R-Miss.) wrote in a response to the bill when it was before the House Administration Committee.

A similar bill authored by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has been referred to the Senate Rules and Administration Committee — which Schumer chairs — but no action has been taken on it yet.

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"The Democratic majority has decided that established, powerful interest groups should be exempted from the proposed draconian regulations, while small advocacy groups should have their voices silenced by the DISCLOSE Act," said Center for Competitive Politics President Sean Parnell. "Exempting the National Rifle Association from these regulations while local groups such as the Oregon Firearms Federation would face stifling regulations if they choose to exercise their First Amendment rights simply cannot be considered ‘reform.'"

"This sort of special carve out for an established interest group is just the kind of insider manipulation that gives the public the sense that Congress is unresponsive to the concerns of ordinary Americans," said Allison Hayward, CCP's Vice President of Policy. "How can it be that invasive and onerous disclosure requirements are proper when applied to small, regional interest groups but not large, wealthy national groups?"

"This exception could serve to entrench political organization, discourage local participation in civic groups, and undermine the civic involvement that Alexis de Tocqueville identified as uniquely American and one of America's great strengths," she added.

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The NRA is DEAD to me.   

Wayne LaPierre is far more interested in keeping his standard of living up than what is best or even good for his membership and all patriotic Americans.  At least that is what it looks like to me.  Maybe he has a good explanation for his anti- First Amendment behavior.   I don't see it, haven't heard it.   Maybe he forgot what happens when you bed down with the enemy.   

The NRA, in one fell swoop, has disenfranchised it's entire membership with a myopic view of this bill and it's portent for the NRA.   Forgot all about the rest of American gun owners that now will become rabid GOA and other gun org. promoters.  

The NRA could have stood tall in opposition to this onerous legislation but instead, what they have done is treasonous to it's members and the American people.   They are Democrat sympathizers and this caps off a long history;    on the NRA's part, of conceading, appeasing and compromising.  

I regreat ever giving them one dime.   I promise you, it will never happen again.      

Backstabbers.    Good riddance.    

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If you think their move is in error, you might want to tell them at 1-800-672-3888

Update:   More from the Wall Street Journal. . . 

Guns and Free Speech

The NRA sells out to Democrats on the First Amendment.

The National Rifle Association is suffering a sudden onset of amnesia this week, as the gun lobby cuts a deal to exempt itself from the latest Congressional attempt to repeal the First Amendment. NRA members may soon regret the organization's bid to ingratiate itself with Democrats at the expense of its longtime free-speech allies.

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