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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Traitor In Chief Sides With Mexico Over Arizona. . .The question begs, is he mentally Ill?!?. . .

From Fox News. . .
Barry,  you rat bastard fink!

Outrageous as this may sound,   The current occupant of the White House, AKA, Barry Soetoro or whoever he is,  disrespects a states sovereignty,  the people of Arizona and the United States of America just as Kalifpornia, and the rest of the libtard cities and states have done.   

If this does not raise your ire,  you should probably be checking real-estate prices in Mexico or Cuba.

Stand up to this flagrant assault on sovereignty and our Constitution.  If you don't get what's happening here,  you need to read the engrossing Greek tale of the Trojan Horse.   

More later.   I am way to P.O.d right now.  

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