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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jennifer III Nails it with with a little help from her fiends. . . Governments of the world are not so much interested in conquering the world as they are preoccupied with keep their own people in line.

Attention Shifting to Fourth Generation War

The thing to understand about these strategy documents is that they’re publicly released. They aren’t secret internal memos or anything, they were released with the understanding that others would read them. 

While taken individually, nothing new or interesting comes up, if you take them together a pattern emerges. A Fourth Generation pattern.

China seems to focus on economic development and internal conflict. Unlike the neoconservatives would have you believe, China isn’t looking to become a global hegemonic power at this stage or any other stage. Their big concern is keeping their domestic empire in one piece.

Russia’s main concern is their border regions, especially Georgia. Russia and Georgia are at it because there are ethnic groups that transcend the national boundary between them, and both sides are afraid of losing legitimacy. Neither side wants the ethnic groups to join the other side, or worse–become independent states.

You’ll see similar fears in the other documents. India has their Kashmir, the E.U. is concerned about ‘terrorism, failed states and organized crime’. Brazil tells it all: “The national strategy of defense is inseparable from the national strategy of
development. The latter drives the former. The former provides shielding to the latter. Each one reinforces the other’s reasons.”

The governments of the world aren’t so concerned right now with other governments and their armies. They’re concerned with their own legitimacy and future existence. If you look at our own government’s documents, you’ll find the same concerns.

The Conservative Order, also known as the Concert of Europe was their plan for preventing rebellion and keeping the aristocracy in power. 

The take home from this article re: the Chinese should be this: Washington and Beijing are scratching each other’s back to keep people in both places from rebelling. Beijing lends money to the U.S. to keep the buying up to keep the factories open to keep Chinese people employed. Washington keeps borrowing money to keep the services going.
Washington should be feared as much as Beijing. Fear of Beijing should not serve as a rallying point to keep people backing Washington at home. That’s what they want.

If you aren’t familiar with Lind’s work on Fourth Generation Warfare, stop right here and go read this.

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