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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hold onto your chair folks, here is a real shocker, OMG, what a surprise. . . NOT!

This from the:     ECONOMY

Jobless Claims Jump, Leading Indicators Fall

New claims for jobless benefits soared last week, a worrisome sign for the slowly recovering labor market.
Separately, an index of leading economic indicators fell in April, pulled down by a sharp decline in building permits.
The number of workers who filed new claims for unemployment insurance climbed by 25,000 to a seasonally adjusted 471,000 for the week ended May 15, the Labor Department said Thursday.
"We are left with the uncomfortable possibility that the trend in claims has not only stopped falling, but may be turning higher," Ian Shepherdson, a High Frequency Economics Ltd. economist, said in a note to clients.

Well, no freakin' kidding!   When all of your numbers (the governments) are based on lies, more lies and damn lies,  you get these kinds of [surprises].   The kind of surprises no one is surprised about.   How's that for a shocker that is no shocker to anyone but those with their heads in the sand or with an agenda bent on the destabilization of the dollar and downfall of US government as we know it.  
I gotta tell ya folks,  I am a wee bit vexed over this hopelessness and change for the worse.   

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