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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Danger Will Robinson. . . Danger (waving arms frantically) . . .

This from Tyler Durdin at Zero Hedge 

Germany To Ban Short Selling At Midnight, Only Naked Shorts To Be Affected

If true, this is huge, as it means the market will become massively dislocated once again.One wonders just how horrible the news flow over the next 24 hours will be for this drastic measure to be introduced.

BERLIN, May 18 (Reuters) - Germany plans to ban naked short-selling on stocks and euro government bonds, German all-news network N-TV reported on Tuesday.
German coalition sources told Reuters earlier that Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble plans to ban short-selling from midnight.
Economy Minister Rainer Bruederele told Reuters that it was possible the short-selling ban would be quickly enacted.
No other details were immediately available.

You'll want to read the rest:

Do You See What Happens Larry When You Ban Naked Shorting, CDS Trading And Institute A Transaction Tax With A 6 Hour Notice?

Some one, somewhere is set to profit here. Could be a collusion of sorts,  Kinda like a hat tip or nod among those in the know.  A bid perhaps to devalue the Euro to enable a repayment of Euro debt in devalued Euros.  Hmmmmm.  
Watch this one.  It will be interesting.  Wondering here if it is the first domino. Who falls next,  UK?  China?  Japan?   

We'll see.  

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  1. Markets have become a very risky place both on the long and short side with governments coming up with new “bailouts” and “regulations” almost each day it seems.The new German ban on “naked short selling” effective from midnight has led to US markets declining along with the usual suspects like the Euro and the Pound.Oil seems to have decisively broken its trading band of roughly between $70-$87 since the last 6 months, probably indicating that the the markets might have made an intermediate high.Read more at


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