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Friday, May 21, 2010

Boycott California. . .

Stand for something or you'll fall for anything.

Stand up for yourself and let these liberal progressives know you are through with them.  My family and friends are putting in place a moratorium on purchase of anything produced in Kalimexifornia.  We will not purchase produce ,  products including anything from Hollywood, especially movies or music and  until they stop this nonsense.  This is not how we do things in America.  We help our neighbors.

Together we stand, divided we fall.   Kalimexifornia should be standing shoulder to shoulder with Arizona in their fight to secure their borders and protect their citizens.   Because you stand against Arizona,  We will stand with Arizona in Solidarity for their cause.

We want our borders secured to.   Mr. Obysmal,  Madame Napolitano,  Do your job.   Enforce our borders.  Secure them.  Enough is enough!   We will procure our fruit and veggies from Florida, Texas and Arizona and we are watching other states as well.   This has gone far enough.

What is wrong with your brains in Kalimexifornia.   Arnold,  you should be ashamed of yourself.   You are not from the United States and don't hold the same love we have for our country.  What our forefathers did to secure our federation of states, held together by the single most significant document in the history of man,  The Constitution of The United States of America.   A Republic was handed down to us by men who suggested we remain vigilant.   And who counseled that we may one day have to secure our Republic by any means.    Listen boys and girls,  it's called the USA and we have laws and rules to live by.

Congress,  do your job!

Were not saying you can't be here.  Just do it legally.

What did you do Arnie?  When you took office you took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and you pledged allegiance to this country when you became a citizen and that includes Arizona.    

You have forgotten what that means.   Shame on you.   Hang your head and turn in your green card.  Go back to Austria.   We don't want you here any more.   Take your movies with you.   Mexico City is not in the USA.   Calderon can keep his comments, criminals, welfare recipients, drug dealers, gang members, and cartel killers to himself too.

Secure our borders.   No more mister nice guy.  Speak up out there.  Say it like it is.  No more sugar coating.   Blunt and direct.  No confusion.  Do your job.  No gray areas.  No interpretations.   Our Constitution and the laws of our society which govern how our borders are managed are black and white.  '

Do your job.

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