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Friday, May 14, 2010

Avoid Kalifornia, Texas, Illinois, and any other state that is too dumb to save themselves.

Austin TX, Los Angeles CA, Highland Park Ill, Oh my God,  San Francisco,  and I am sure others cut off business and travel ties to Arizona.  Oh My!

Dashing little girls dreams along the way.   Politics, it would seem is a dirty business at best.

This is not going to turn out how these narrow minded, pinheaded, simpletons think.  Good,  Good riddance.   Arizona will do just fine without them.  Sure, go ahead and ban travel, business, etc.   This does not address the root problem.  

Millions of illegal aliens sapping our welfare system, stealing employment, stealing, mugging, carjacking, murdering, raping, robbing, overwhelming our legal system, our law enforcement system and generally sucking the life blood out of our country.  


Invaders;  like cockroaches, who occupy, infest and overrun a land not their own, crowding a gracious host without any benefit to said host.  Plotting, formulating, conniving to secure gain or advantage.  Sucking up resources to the breaking point.   Putting real Americans at risk of life and limb.  

Oh sure,  No worries now.  Just wait till San Fran or LA tries to figure out just how to pay for the boat load of freeloaders now roaming their streets carrying MAK 90s and the occasional Glock or Jimenez (the new Saturday Night Special)  to get what they want or perceive they deserve.   These pricks deserve a one way ticket home with no stops or lay overs.   

As for Arizona,  I encourage you to visit.   Stay and spend but at all costs avoid Kalifornia,  Daleyville (Illinios), TX and any other politically correct, libtard state that is highlighted and featured by the lamestream, libtard media.  Your very life and your family's life is at risk if you enter one of these liberal haven, welfare state, sanctuary cities states.

These states, cities, organizations are traitors to our country and Constitution.  They have put the welfare of their citizens 2nd to that of illegal aliens.   Robbers, murderers, thieves, rapists etc.  Let me state here that you can keep your comments to yourselves if you want to defend these illegals.   They are criminals at best.  Drug dealers. Drug runners.  Gang members.  Low lifes.   Losers.   And of course,  some very nice, fine, loving, caring folk.  To bad.  Try legal immigration.  I'll be the first to shake your hand for earning your way into this country.

For just a moment,  do the math.   20 or so million Illegals.   
Click here. and visit The Center for Immigration Studies. 

Mr. LEVY: What matters is who's in our jail and who we have to pay for, and the fact that we're not getting reimbursed for this from the federal government.
SHAPIRO: Levy says jailing illegal immigrants costs his county more than $10 million a year. In California, where Dennis Zine is an L.A. city councilman, the state pays roughly $750 million a year to keep illegal immigrants in jail. Zine was also a member of the L.A. Police Department.
Mr. DENNIS ZINE (Councilman, L.A. County): Ninety-five percent of the outstanding homicide warrants in Los Angeles: illegal aliens. Illegal immigrants account for two-thirds of the unserved felony warrants. Approximately 17,000 of those are felony warrants, which means very serious crimes.
SHAPIRO: None of these statistics include immigration violations. The immigrants who commit those offenses spend their time in federal prisons before being deported.
Ari Shapiro, NPR News.     This'll be an eye opener.
What If 20 Million Illegal
Aliens Left America?
Click here for the surprising answer.

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