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Thursday, April 15, 2010

You really ought to be angry, VERY ANGRY! You know that don't you?

This from  Ilargi:  at the Automatic Earth. . . 
There isn't really any difference between blind faith in Rome and blind faith in Washington, though, is there? Benedict, Obama, they all have a billion souls depending on them for faith, hope, charity and salvation. And whatever they do to you, you keep coming back for more. Because in your eyes, they’re the only game in town.

Or so I was thinking anyway when I saw that JPMorgan announced a $3.3 billion profit, while the bank still owes the US taxpayer $41 billion+. Now, I can't speak for you, but if someone owes me a big wad of cash, and instead of paying me back first, goes all prancing about town ordering champagne and farm fish eggs, I’m thinking kneecaps. Not the White House, though. And I know why. The $41 billion (and a lot more if you include the WaMu and Bear Stearns takeovers) is not owed to the White House. It’s owed to you, poor sodding anonymous you.

Yeah, the stock markets are up, S$P 500 crossed 1200, Hurrah and Hallelujah. But guys, one more time, that S$P 1200 number is 100% dependent on the fact that Washington has thrown YOUR money into the casino pit. That’s why there's happy traders out there, that’s why there’s pundits and TV stations declaring victory over the recession. Without your money, 90% of Wall Street would be a ghost street. And instead of insisting on payback, Obama lets JPMorgan declare a new spring with a $3.3 billion profit, without demanding your $41 billion back first. Even though JPMorgan would have been a dead duck in the polluted shallow water without your money. Is that what you elected him to do?

I’m thinking the politicians in Washington have the idea that they can do with as much of your money as they want whatever they see fit to do with it, including furthering their own careers, and that they’ve completely lost sight of who pays for all that. And I’m wondering where the difference lies between a priest abusing your confidence and a politician doing the same. Maybe it’s time to make up your own mind for a change, and simply get out of the game on all ends.

Read more, much more here.

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