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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where the hell is Fox News?. . . . .

Restore The Constitution Rally -- 19 April 2010 -- Fort Hunt/Gravelly Point Parks

I watched Live streaming media on CNN.   Why, you might ask?    Well,  It could not be found on FOX News.  That's why.

So,  Live streaming video of the rally on CNN - click here, this is on the front page of CNN,  articles are found at the Washington Times - here,  the LA Times - click here, even the Richmond Times here.  The Associated Press for God's sake but no FOX News.   The AP actually has pics and video here and here and OMG, CBS here.  No FOX News.   Weird.  Ya know.   They have a great article on Demi Moore's very pretty face. . . More here.

and a superb article on Christina Hendricks The Sexiest Women Alive,  I have to agree with that assessment.

More here.

See what I mean,   OMG!   but I digress.   

Still no coverage of the April 19 Rally in Vermont on the Potomac, just across the river from the capitol.   Yup, Washington DC.   In full view of the Washington Monument.  

 So the question I am asking here is where was FOX News.   Hmmmmm.    I'm just asking.   'Cause there were a bunch of Americans,  armed with sidearms,  AR15s and assorted other long guns,  Gadston flags and Old Glory waving in the breeze.   

Now I love Demi Moore, she is a beauty, A misguided beauty but hey she is hot,  and Christina Hendricks is astounding.  That is great.  I enjoy the eye candy but I really wonder when  the only (supposedly right news org.)  in America misses this event.   This was a big deal.


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