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Monday, April 05, 2010

This belies understanding. . .

Seattle Trash Collectors Make Average of $109,553 But Want More; 1,600 Apply to Haul Trash if Teamsters Strike

The Teamsters Local 174 says it has chosen not to accept Waste Management's 'best, last, final offer."

Union spokesman Michael Gonzales said the Teamsters have submitted a new proposal with "significant movement," and have no plans to strike.

Waste Management's five-year offer includes a wage increase of $1 per hour in the first year, bumping up the current pay rate of $26.29 per hour by 3.7 percent.

In addition, Waste Management said it is offering a one-time $1,000 bonus to each employee if the contract is ratified by April 3.

"By attaching an artificial deadline, it looks like they're trying to ram a bad contract down the sanitation workers' throats," said Brent Barrett, a yard waste driver.

So,  this guy drives a truck,  and his buddies ride along side and pick up trash cans.     All this highly technical,  very difficult, even dangerous work for an average of $109,553 a year.   WOW!  Yeah, they really got screwed.    Thank goodness the Teamsters Union was there to step in and protect them from the broke, starving, busted up city.   

These guys don't deserve the time of day let alone a raise.   Good grief,  $109,553 a year for the average garbage man and he's complaining.    Wait till there are no more garbage men jobs in Seattle.   Wait till Waste Management  can't pay them $109,553 a year average.    They ought to like that even more.   No job, no money, no home, no nuthin.  Good bye!

Don't these Neanderthals read.  Course not.  The lamestream media tells them it's all good.   Try reading a few lines of this blog for a good dose of the reality you're soon to visit.  Then piss and moan about how abused you are and how Waste Management has taken advantage of you with your $109,553 a year average wage.   

I know a few waitresses, waiters, fireman, cops, and soldiers that might be worth that 109,553 a year average wage.   But not you.   Whiners.  

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