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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Slaves to the wage hour, to the Elites of the world, to the Corporate Machine. . .

The title has a liberal feel to it but it really is all about Liberty and freedom.   We have just been fighting the wrong slave masters for way to long.   So as soon as it dawned on corporate that  they could still have their slaves,  just give them the illusion of freedom and there ya have it,  all was well with the world.

This from the Automatic Earth.


Written by VK

Recently I had a private conversation with Automatix Earth contributor El Gallinazo in which he proceeded to chide me for my shortcomings in viewing the stock markets only, clamoring I should focus my attention more on the debt markets, since, as he so graciously put it, "the stock market is but a pimple on the debt markets ass".

I went surfing for knowledge as it were and noted the value of the world's stock markets as of November 2009 was about $44.2 trillion (That's a pretty big pimple!) while global debt markets were valued at $82.3 trillion.

What does this mean? I got out my notes on the debt market from my days not so long ago in University. And came across many long forgotten concepts: par values, coupon rates, zero coupon bonds, basic bond pricing, duration, convexity, credit risks,inverted price yield relationships etc. Aaaarrgggh!! Enough to make my head spin. Too much jargon is bad for you.

Then I stumbled upon a little line: Indenture: Agreement containing the terms under which money is borrowed.

That's what they call bond contracts. Indenture. According to the dictionary, or in this case a convenient google search, Indenture refers to a type of contract in the past that forced a servant or apprentice to work for their employer for a particular period of time.

What struck me was how true this is, not referencing past shenanigans, but present day reality. Society as we know it is indentured, we are virtual debt slaves, servants of our corporate and political elites.

Every time a sovereign, municipal or corporate bond is sold somewhere, every time you hear the national debt going up, that's a piece of you being sold off. There's nothing more to the bond market, nothing less. Human beings are being lined up on the chopping block, sold to the highest bidder, for a price.The future of their children and their hopes and dreams sold at a price determined by a large market for human debt slaves. A modern day global debt gulag if you ask me.

If you work for a corporation, the private debt issued by them promises to extract everything from you while they can milk you for all that you are worth. If the debt is issued by your country or town, the promise is to extract everything necessary to pay up from your you and your children.

Hence, in today's world, there are multiple claims on you, your life, your children and your hopes, dreams and ambitions, as well as theirs. The elites through various frauds, machinations, complex algorithms and at its heart plain greed for unbridled power have bundled you into little packages and sold you off many times over to the point that there are claims on your life, your soul and its third derivative.

Which brings me to the monster $1000+ trillion derivatives market (Exchange Traded + Over The Counter), which has been to a large extent built (leveraged) on top of the $44.2 trillion stock markets and $82.3 trillion debt markets.

At least in the pre-derivatives era a human life had been reduced to the value of the cash flow it produced over its lifetime, conveniently called Net Present Value.

In today's world, a human life has been further reduced to and by bets being played on a global video game network much like Call of Duty/ World of Warcraft, except in this case, you can't opt out nor can you log off. The consequences are very real, the outcome of suffering is inevitable. There is no reset button.

I can understand cattle not having a complex enough awareness to be able to judge their own imminent demise at the slaughter house, but people? Why, they have no excuse at all, we are a real tragi-comic bunch. Not only do we elect our herders and executioners i.e. politicians, we elect them with cheer, pomp and adulation, we also commend their choice of weapon, in this case being debt to wave away whatever happens to ail us. Debt, the very thing that we are slowly but surely being slashed with. Death by a thousand cuts if you will.

What will you tell your children? What excuse have you prepared? The numbers were too big? Economics is really confusing? I didn't realize I was selling you off at an auction? You'd almost think we're all delusional Catholics, sending our children to schools where they can be molested by hordes of conniving predators who, when pressed, won't shy away from calling themselves the victims. The Vatican and Goldman Sachs have way more in common than just the fact that both swim in luxury.

Next time you read that the National Debt has gone up by $1,600,000,000,000, that total debt owed by the US internally and externally is $54 trillion, that there are $65-100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, one thing I hope you take from this little rant is that you and your family are on the hook for all this debt owed to Kings and psychopaths, bankster mafia elites and drug lords with Caribbean accounts. I hope you also realize that they've decided to feast on your children with a sprinkling of shattered futures, dreams and hopes.

I'll sign off with The Automatic Earth's Ilargi's saying, "Tails you lose. Heads you die." Now that's a bet you never should have taken.

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