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Thursday, April 15, 2010

This from:

Letter to Steve Jobs About Why The Apple App Store Blocks Glenn Beck For “Hate Speech”, But Communist Mass Murderer Che Guevara Is OK.

Let everyone know about this.

Some have become inured to Apple’s incessant promotion of its adolescently trendoid public image, but boycotting patriot Glenn Beck, whiledevoting apps to communist executioner Che Guevara, goes too far for Moonbattery reader Marshman. Highlights from his letter to Steve Jobs:
You are making a mistake when you let your desire to be hip and cool lead you to make corporate decisions that alienate you from the vast majority of Americans to whom you wish to sell your products. … you distance yourselves and call unjust and despicable the "hate speech engaged in by Glenn Beck," yet you put on your App Store applications and books that lionize and supply quotes of Che Guevara, a hero only to Marxists and freedom-hating fools the world over. You despise Beck’s commentary, calling it hateful, yet call Guevara a "great man" (read the descriptions of the various apps associated with this horrible communist), and offer for consumption by our people and our children products that seek to make him look like someone worthy of adoration or admiration. Bet you don’t include in the apps containing Guevara’s quotes the quotations wherein he said things like, "Blacks are indolent — they spend all their money on frivolities, booze, and women" or some of his quotes wherein he called Mexicans "monkey children." There is your hate speech, Mr. Jobs! …

Read more here.

I would think carefully about buying any piece of Apple Crap.    It might be nice crap but the money is going to someone who idolizes a communist executioner, murderer. . .  Che Guevara.   Che was a piece of liberal fascist, murdering crap and it appears the Apple does not fall far from the tree.   They can keep their Apple Crap.   Steve, you can keep your Apple Crap!

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