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Sunday, April 18, 2010

It happened one day. . .

So, the other day, I'm shopping in a convenience store, got my bananas, coffee 
creamer, yogurt and apple juice in my cart. I like those little carts they have in the 
stores now. Very handy. Anyway, I am facing the counter and out of the corner of 
my eye, I see a uniformed police officer enter the store. He sees me right off and 
nods a hello. I suspect he may have been called. Don't know, don't care. My 
adrenalin is now officially pumping.

He nods again and says hi with a smile as he gets in line behind me. I turned 
strong side towards him so he could see I was armed and nod a how do you do 
once again with a nice big smile.

I turn back to my transaction and exchange pleasantries with the counter person, 
she smiles and says have a great day. I return the smile and suggest she also have 
a great day. I make a point of bidding the officer good day and am on my way.

Or so I thought.

I put my sidearm away, put my groceries in the back seat, all from the passenger 
side, I see the officer walking to his car on the street and assume all is well and I 
will be on my way. I slide into the drivers seat, put my seat belt on, insert my key, 
shift into reverse and look behind me to see a black and white pulling in . He 
parks on my passenger side, taking care not to block me.

First thing I do is turn the ignition off. Take several deep breaths and open my 
door. By this time he he has come around the back of my truck and is just behind 
my door. I get out. He greets me again with a big smile and says he saw that I was 
open carrying and just wanted to introduce himself and get my take on open 
carry. My views. At this point, I thought he was kidding.

The pleasant surprise for me was that he genuinely was interested in me as a 
person and my take on open carry. He was curious. We discussed the laws 
pertaining to open carry as if we were just a two guys shooting the breeze. He was 
very supportive of my right to carry and interested enough to volunteer a personal 
anecdote about open carry.

I came away from this interaction feeling a great sense of relief. He had absolutely
 no animosity towards open carry or myself and was not intimidated and showed 
no fear of my .45 that I wear proudly on my hip. He carried himself very 
professionally and genuinely.

After participating in this forum discussion on this very subject, I was astounded 
and very encouraged.

He never once asked for my name or ID, but rather just wanted to have a 
discussion because I was the first open carrier he had ever seen and sincerely 
wanted to get to know me and my opinions.

As a matter of fact, he introduced himself to me but never asked me for any info. 
I did volunteer my name and that seemed to instantly create a rapport between us. 
He had no agenda or ulterior motives and of course I already knew his name.

This was a picture perfect interaction with Law Enforcement. No angst or
 animosity on either side. I came away feeling this was a good cop and I was a 
good citizen.

Cool! Very Cool day. Those of you who know me, can assume I talked his ear off 
and he'll probably never want to see me again. Just kidding.

A P.S. Right here. He was not scared of me or my gun. That is something that both 
open carriers and law enforcement need to keep in mind. Acting out of fear on 
either side can create an incident. Instead of two guys leaning up against a 
pickup truck jaw boning about the day.

One should never drop ones guard till you know where you stand and who you're 
talking to on either side of the line but once that is established, then we should 
both be standing on the same side of the line.

Further,  though I was gratified to have such a positive encounter with an on duty 
LEO,  I suspect this not to be the norm.   I do think that respect and calm have a 
big play in how things turn out but if our rights are violated, we do need to litigate 
the municipality into understanding.  WisconsinCarry.Org is a shining example 
of this and could be a guide-star for other states as well.  

I've been asked why my adrenilin was pumping and of course anyone who has 
been followed by a police car can answer that question.  It is even more intense
when you are armed and speaking with the cop in person.  
First of all,  I'm 53,  6' foot and change, 320,  When my adrenaline pumps,  my 
eyes narrow.   I don't go 'white'.    I don't get nervous so much as 'more aware'.   
This cop was a good guy and I recognized this but still am aware because in one 
Wisconsin community a private citizen,  on private property, was planting a tree 
while wearing his sidearm.  I would too.   He was yanked off his property, cuffed 
and jailed.  It took many dollars and several court appearances to get it sorted.

Several lawsuits have been won  and monetary awards handed down so this has 

initiated a learning curve for Wisconsin LEOs.   Still they need further education.  
That would be, leave open carriers alone. 

I'm good to go if that happens but I am still not exactly calm about it.

At 53,  I do not resemble any young criminal and my dress and demeanor would 

not make him think that either.   He might think . . . redneck, or cowboy etc.  But 
the young criminal thing would not be crossing his mind. 

As for showing him my gun,  I prefer LEOs to know I am armed up front.   That 

way, a consensual conversation can be had.   I carry a stainless steel full sized 1911 
in a western style holster, 2 mags off side, and a recorder.   Just to be clear,  most 
cops are 'not' just like us.   They are different and become cops because of that 
difference.   This guy was very friendly and happy to talk as was I.  Bad cops like 
Milwaukee Chief Ed Flynn make exercising my Constitutional right a difficult and 
sometimes hair raising experience.

This isn't like Arizona, Alaska or Vermont, where any carry is OK all the time and 

carry is commonplace. In my state,  the Neanderthal governor and police chiefs 
like Flynn add a certain tenseness to any LEO encounter.  I have had more than 
one and they have all been satisfactory so far.    I one case I was hit by a driver with 
a medical problem.    Left my gun in the car.  the officer on the scene saw my dual 
mag holder with two mags and  (in Wisconsin, we must unload our gun and place 
it in a case while in the car)  panicked for a moment.  His hand went to his gun,  he 
unsnapped his thumb break and backed up.  Prudent but unnecessary.   I spoke 
calmly to him, assuring him my gun was in the truck and he was in no danger 
from me.  After a moment,  he relaxed and got back to writing up the accident.

Relaxing is good advice and maybe some day it will be like that in my state.   Right 

now it is tense.   If we want to be able to exercise our rights we must exercise our 

I know,  it makes much better copy to hear that I was thrown to the ground and 

cuffed, jailed and am now waiting my day in court from Gitmo.    Well.. .  .   .    that 
did not happen.   I think it is an individual response every time and it can be 
different every time.   Some cops are egocentric, power mad, bullies and others are 
good guys doing a tough job.   I like to think there are more of the latter.

This is not to say that I am not wary when conversing with an officer but I certainly 

do not entertain visions of swat teams descending or bad behavior of any kind.   
I prefer to maintain a positive outlook.   This does not mean my adrenalin isn't 
going to pump a bit,  it just means I am ready for most anything.  I prefer to think 
that means a consensual conversation in which I am free to walk away at my whim.

It is all good.   Other folks saw us talking like a couple of friends and probably 

wondered why he wasn't arresting me.   I have people ask me if I need a permit 
for 'that'.   I've had folks ask why I carry.  Even little kids.   Actually more of them.   
They truly are innocent.   I like to answer to the kid but will make eye contact with 
mom or dad as well.

I am armed from the moment I wake up till I lay my head down at night.  I am 

even armed as I sleep.  My trusty sidearm is never more than an arms reach away.  
I am not afraid to speak with anyone about carry.   It is our right and not a given 
right.  It is our right to be able to defend ourselves.   Cave men knew this right as 
did the Chinese 3000 years ago and citizen and ruler alike to this very day.   
Libtards/Dems like to frame it as a permission.  It is not.  It is an inherent, God 
or Creator given right.  It is written on our minds and hearts and cannot be erased, 
taken or given away. 

We have allowed encroachments of our right to self defense over the years,  

persuaded by fear mongers and control freaks but those days are coming swiftly
to a close.   Just because we have allowed the 2A to be "infringed"  Does not mean 
it is not still fully in effect.  As a society we are easy going and put up with a lot for 
"the common good".    The only problem is that the common good has strayed to 
mean the Rich, elite, powerful, government and has pretty much left the common 
man out of the loop. 

If we do not exercise our rights today,  they will suppress them tomorrow.   "Those

who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve 
neither Liberty nor Safety."  Ben Franklin

We are in a power struggle for our very freedom and liberty and it is not limited to 

the 2A.  We are being sold as slaves to those who now own our debt and our 
government is happy to do so.   We are coming into a decisive moment in history 
and I choose to go into these tumultuous times armed and ready.   

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