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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ignore these warnings at your own peril. . . This madness must stop right now!!!

This can quite-easily go from being "manageable" to "oh crap" in the space of a few weeks - or days.

Europe, by the way, is a preview of what is coming here given the actions of our government.  Spending 10+% of GDP in deficit spending is exactly how Greece, Portugal and Spain got into this mess - and it is exactly why we're going down the same road.

The reality of our condition in 2007 and 2008 could not be avoided folks.  It could be and was "postponed", but by doing so we took what was at the time a Depression-level problem and turned it into something nearly twice as bad

The mistakes we made this time - refusing to force those with losses to eat them and be liquidated, clearing the market, are exactly the same errors made in 1929 and 1930.  When Creditanstalt blew up in 1931 our fate was sealed for The Depression and, ultimately, that disintegration led to the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany - and we all know where that ultimately led.
We are on the same road traveling at 100mph right now and must turn off immediately, as around the next corner is the same granite wall that existed in 1931!

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When the lies stop, it will be too late.  Our money will be gone.   Our homes will be gone.  The banksters will be smiling.   Top government servants will be smiling.  Why?  Because they were in on it from the beginning.  What do you think my last post was all about?   Why do you think they think they need those sweeping, un-Constitutional powers.   Why?  

Come on,  you've got a brain,  use it.   While you're busy trying to make a living, taking care of your children, providing for your retirement,  your government has fed you to the wolves and your servants have profited by it.    They are lying to you.  This will not go how they think,  it will be worse, much worse.

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