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Monday, March 22, 2010

What a crock of shit!!!

What if they gave a healthcare bill and stole all the money?    This heist will make the great train robbery look like a purse snatching.   Trillions raised in revenue over 4 years before anyone sees a benefit from this boondoggle and what do you want to bet,  it just isn't enough.  '

How 'bout Obysmalcare as a short term fund raiser for a whole different agenda.   Hmmmmm?    We'll see but I hate always being right.  

Give liars and thieves a piggy bank and what do they do with it?  Break it of course.  By the way,  it won't matter who you put in office.  The public servants have a case of delusions of grandeur.   They have lived the good life, the rich life,  the lawyers life for so long that they forgot what it means to be honest, or humble, if they ever knew to begin with.  So, expecting something different from the same people is. . . well . . .  freakin' crazy, man.  

Only a nation of fools will keep doing the same thing, all the while expecting different results.   I still am amazed at the sheer amount of subjugation and invasion of privacy people are willing to put up with before they say. . . enough!

Well,  good luck with your "FREE" healthcare.   Probably paid for out of Obysmal's stash,  right?

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