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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Still more lies and damn lies. . . . .

As officials said Friday night, former state Sen. Nancy Schaefer and her husband Bruce Schaefer of Habersham County apparently died as a result of a murder/suicide.

Reading from a statement about to be released, Sheriff Joey Terrell said, “The ongoing investigation by the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office and the GBI into the deaths of Nancy and Bruce Schaefer indicate that Bruce Schaefer shot his wife once then turned the gun on himself.”
Family members discovered the couple’s bodies in the bedroom of their home in The Orchard near Turnerville shortly before 6 p.m. Friday.

Terrell said a handgun was found near the body of Bruce Schaefer and that several letters written by him to family members were found in the home, including a suicide note.

Autopsies conducted by a GBI medical examiner today “determined that Mrs. Schaefer died from a single gunshot wound to the back and Mr. Schaefer died from a single gunshot wound to the chest. The investigation so far and the autopsy results have not uncovered any evidence to incident it is anything other than a murder/suicide.”

Law enforcement officials believe Nancy Schaefer was asleep when she was shot, likely on Friday morning, Terrell said.

So. . . .   Mrs. Schaefer was. . .  what? . . . . sleeping and was shot in the back by her husband who then turned the gun on himself and shot himself in the chest?   OK,  Yeah,  that sounds plausible.    Would you give me a break?  

I'm sure that's what happened.   

For Immediate Release:
March 4, 2008 PRESS RELEASE
For Information Contact:
Jody Thompson

Senator Nancy Schaefer will not seek re-election for District 50 but plans to qualify for 10th Congressional seat.

March 4, 2008
Senator Nancy Schaefer announces today, March 4, 2008 that she will not seek re-election of her 50th Senatorial District Senate seat in 2008.

Senator Schaefer plans to qualify to run for the U.S. Congress in the 10th Congressional District of Georgia.

This district runs up the eastside of Georgia from Richmond County on the South to Rabun and Towns Counties on the North and all counties in between totaling twenty one counties. Eight of these counties make up the 50th Senatorial District that Senator Schaefer has represented for the past four years.

State Senator Nancy Schaefer was the Founder and President of Family Concerns, Inc., (1985-present) a non-profit organization located in Georgia. Family Concerns Inc. was created for the purpose of strengthening and protecting the family through local, state, national and international policy, and through the education of citizens and leaders in the vital importance of obeying God’s moral law in our society and in our culture. She was also the Founder and President of two Family Concerns Pregnancy Centers in Atlanta, Georgia from (1988-1998), which met the needs of over 5,000 girls and women in the Atlanta area.

Mrs. Schaefer has been a host of several radio shows in the Atlanta area and the author of daily commentaries over WRAF, WEPC, and WTFH in Toccoa, Georgia.

Senator Schaefer was the Republican Nominee for Lieutenant Governor in 1994, the first woman Candidate for Governor of Georgia in 1998, and was elected to the Georgia State Senate from the 50th District in 2004.

As an eight year Trustee of the National Ethics and Religions Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), Mrs. Schaefer represented the SBC and Family Concerns, Inc. at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China, at the U.N. Conference on Human Settlements in Istanbul, Turkey, at the U.N. Conference on Food in Rome, Italy, and the U.N. follow up Conference to Beijing in New York.

She is a former First Vice President of the Georgia Baptist Convention, a frequent speaker to churches of all denominations, a speaker to civic and political organizations, and a frequent guest on radio and television programs. In 2001, Mrs. Schaefer became the first woman Trustee to serve on the Toccoa Falls College Board in Toccoa, Georgia. She and her husband are members of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Toccoa.

Senator Schaefer is married to Bruce Schaefer, and they are parents of four sons and one daughter. They also have 13 grandchildren. Nancy and Bruce live in Habersham County, Georgia. They are North Georgia natives. They spent 30 years living in Atlanta and raising their children there, but were led back to the Blue Ridge foothills in North Georgia where Senator Schaefer serves her constituency in eight counties that make up the 50th District of Georgia.

Georgia Family Rights
Paige Roberts - Moderator
136 Frazier Hill Road
Bishop, GA 30621

Click here to download an original copy of Senator Schaefer’s report in pdf format

This from the Milwaukee

Mrs. Schaefer is  on the cutting edge of how to take the family back from what she calles the "social gestapo" made up of judges, caseworkers, court appointed attorneys, investigators, guardian ad litems, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and more.
Nancy Schaefer will call for the  immediate reform of  State and Federal policies and the abolishing of Federal and State financial incentives that use taxpayer dollars to separate families for money.                                                                              
This essentially means that CPS or Child Protective Services get paid a lot of money from the federal and state government each time they remove a child from his or her parents home and place them in foster care.   This, in most states, can be done on an anonymous witness's claim or tip.  They take your child till they have proven or disprove the claim.   Or the claim could have just been fabricated by dishonest CPS /ACORN style workers to insure they line their departments pockets, ensuring job security for the CPS worker.  

I think this is what a real detective might call motive. . . . .
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

This is not some Nancy Peloser, liberal hack.   Nancy Schaefer was a genuine, kind,caring person.  You can see it in her face and by her actions.  Her life was a testament to how we should really be.   She stood up and was slain.   In my opinion,  this was no murder suicide regardless of what ever the pre-paid finding is.   This was put to rest waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to quickly.   

This is the beginning.   These people were murdered for taking a stand against the government.   We should be outraged and in the streets.   The lies and corruption we have witnessed here are past bearing.   They would not have done this and left their children,  their congregation and their love for each other.  No way, no how.  I smell rat.   

If people want to be stupid enough to believe this crap,  they might as well believe in the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of OZ.   

It is far more believable that their hand was forced through threats on their children,  their hands were forced to write the alleged suicide letters due to threats of violence upon their children.   

Just a curious thing to me.  I find it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to convenient.    Seems like a grand coincident, or is it just me?   Hmmmmm. . . . . .

Fox News now reports that the husband was shot in the head.    So the stories are changing fast.  Here's the link:  Fox report.

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